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Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Petrochemical +1
10 Mostafa Lotfy El Manfalouty St., Stanly, Alexandria Map it
Importers of various chemicals used in various industries including paints, resins, food additives, detergents, soaps, cosmetics, textile chemicals, & some petroleum additives. Our products include caustic soda, soda ash, sodium sulfate, glycerin, citric acid, IUPAC , sulfonic acid, iron oxide, ferric chloride, & aluminum sulfate.
Categories: Chemicals +1
Keywords: Chemical Reverse Osmosis +10
El Moltaqa Tower, Tut Ankh Amoun St., Entrance A, Floor 6 Flat 404, Semouha, Alexandria Map it
PWT International provides integrated water treatment solutions for various industrial applications, as well as importing & supplying all kinds of chemicals & industrial equipment, chemical water desalination, chemical treatment of boilers & cooling tower systems, all marine chemical works, all kinds of detergents for various purposes, filtration equipment, disinfection units & periodic follow-up.
Categories: Chemicals +1
Keywords: Chemical Building Chemical +7
El Yousr Bldg., , El Sabr City, Bahteem, Kaliobeya
Supplying all chemicals, especially paints and modern construction chemicals, dyes, accessories, detergent, cosmetic, agricultural and chemical production. Various expertise and high quality products. Working in the field of water and sewage treatment. Our experts offer production and environmental solutions and consultation for all chemical production. Also supplying office & laboratory furniture.
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Chemical Paint +2
208 El Guish St., El Zaher, Bab el shaareya, Cairo Map it
Established in 1979, in Cairo, Egypt. Supplying chemical raw materials used in the detergents, cosmetics, textiles, paints & glues, water treatment & agriculture chemical industries. By 1999 NEROL has become the agent and the distributive of the well known Italian company CISME. Our goal is to provide our customers with top quality products at competitive prices, as well as technical consultations.
Categories: Chemicals +1
Keywords: Chemical Laboratory Chemical +5
Km 71, Alex Cairo Desert Rd., Aboul matamir, El beheira Map it
One of the leading Egyptian companies in solvent & paint manufacture & trade. The company’s total area is 36000m2 & its liquid storage capacity is 6500 tons. The company produces nitrocellulose thinners & paints, coatings, ink, typography, cleaning & industrial solvents. All sealer (nitrocellulose, polyester, polyurethane), varnish & car paint types.
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Building Chemical +10
15 El Ansar St., Bin El Sarayat, Dokki, Giza Map it
Chemicals & primary materials for manufacturing soap & detergents, food products & refreshments. Textile dying & preparation, metal preparation & treatment. glass, ceramics & paints. For more information, please visit our website.
Categories: Chemicals +1
Keywords: Chemical Laboratory Chemical
7 1135 Square, Mostafa Refaat St., Floor 1 Flat 3, Sheraton Bldgs., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Sole agent of HIMEDIA. Specializing in microbiology medias and chemicals, tissue growth chemicals and molecular biology. Chemicals needed for all research. We offer containers of various sizes for all researchers, as well as courses in microbiology and molecular biology.
Categories: Chemicals +1
Keywords: Chemical Boiler +10
Al Moltaka Tower, Tut Ankh Amoun St., Semouha, Alexandria Map it
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical
Plot A1, Taba St., 3rd Industrial Zone, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Map it
Feed additive, lab, industrial, water treatment, foodstuffs & additive chemicals. Technical consultations.
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Acid +11
Lailat El Qadr Sq., Complex Aly El Din, 6th of october, Giza Map it
Trading & supplying industrial, food & pharmaceutical chemicals, metal plating chemicals, acids & solvents. Producing raw materials, laboratory chemicals, laboratory equipment & containers, drinking & sewage water treatment chemicals & swimming pool chemicals.
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Chemical Factory
El Ordoneya, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Map it
Chemical Partners Egypt is an agent and distributor of leading raw material producers in various industry segments including coating & inks, adhesives, personal care, home & fabric care, surface treatment, food, plastics, paper production & petroleum refining. Chemical Partners Industry produces high quality alkyd resin, polymers, polysaccharide resin and specialty additives.
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Textile Dyes +5
17 A Gesr El Suez St., El Qanal International Market, El nozha el gadida, Cairo Map it
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Cocoa +7
7 , Abdel Maksoud Complex, El Ordoneya, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Map it
Importing primary chemicals to meet customer needs for production of pharmaceuticals and food. We have an experienced team in this field. Seeking customer satisfaction through using high quality materials and suitable prices.
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical
16 Rd. 9, Sheraton Bldgs., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
We are a representation office. Our aim is to always offer factories, importers and traders quality products, reasonable prices and professional services. You can rely on us for your business success. We are responsible for our own behavior, for our clients and for our society and environment.
Categories: Chemicals +1
Keywords: Chemical Food Chemical +2
1St Plot, Block 12007, Rd. 600 Northen Extension, 1St Industrial Zone, Obour city, Kaliobeya Map it
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Chemical Paint +5
27 El Hegaz St., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Importing all industrial chemicals and solvents required in industrial printing and packaging for detergent, cosmetic, paint, oilfield and the food industry.
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Chemicals For Modern Building +4
48 El Nasr St., Maadi, Cairo Map it
ACCM started its production operations in 2009, with a vision of progressive successes in the field of industrial minerals. We are promoting ourselves with a range of reliable products which serve diverse industries such as paper, plastics, paints, coatings construction, and other applications.
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical
Plot 1, Block 11, Abdel Aziz Essa St. 9th Zone, Nasr city, Cairo
Importing & trading all industrial chemicals. Serving all manufacturing fields including detergents, food, pharmaceuticals, paints, water treatment, plastics, & specialized chemical industries. Over 10 years of experience in providing import offers from our worldwide supplier network in competitive prices & high quality.
Categories: Chemicals +1
Keywords: Chemical
20 El Lewaa Mahmoud Sami El Baroudy St. Off Hassanein Heikal St., Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Categories: Chemicals
Keywords: Chemical Acetic Acid +3
169 Saqr Qoraish Bldgs., Autostrad Rd., New Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Map it
Established 1984 to become one of the largest suppliers of chemicals, tires & brick lines. We are a major supplier of imported & local raw materials, and intermediates used in painting, ink, agriculture, oil field, food preservation, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, water treatment, textiles & leather tanning. We are the sole agents of Samsung PB (Korea) producing acetic acid in Egypt & the Middle East.