Ramadan 2015 Guide

Along with fasting and praying, Ramadan is also the time to gather and celebrate with family and friends. Relax. We've made it easy. Check out our top five categories for ideas and tips on the best restaurants, tent locations, nightly Iftar cruises, and supermarkets in addition to charities' activities and dontations details to help celebrate the trust spirit of Ramadan.

Breaking the fast in a restaurant is more convenient and less stressful than preparing dishes at home. Restaurants not only offer special discounts on Ramadan Iftar meals, but also live entertainment and can accommodate larger groups. For recommendations on restaurants, click here.
Not sure where to feast this Ramadan? A grand festive tent promises one of the best forms of Ramadan entertainment. Special Ramadan tents offer Oriental buffets or set Iftar menus, and live music and dancing. For recommendations on exceptional tents, click here.
All aboard! Set sail and break the fast with a luxurious 1-2 hour Nile dinner cruise. Special Ramadan Dinner Cruises comprise of an Ifthar set menu or lavish open buffet, scenic views, and a live entertainment show. For cruise ideas, destinations and pricing, click here.
Encourage giving this Ramadan through a charity association. From clothing and supply bag donations to orphan care, delivery of electricity, food and water to poor families, reaching out and helping those less fortunate is what Ramadan is all about. For a list of charity associations in Egypt along with their special activities and donation details, click here.
Need help preparing nightly Iftar feasts? Check out local supermarkets to stock up on cooking supplies and receive special deals on Ramadan bags for any budget or group, large or small. For a list of supermarkets in Egypt, click here.
Featured Offers
Al Orman Association
Charitable Activities: Medical care for cancer' patients, monthly aids for poor families and orphans marriage... more>>
Si Omar
Enjoy special Ramadan program including: Sohour set menu (mixed grill, foul, falafel, cheese, khoshaf and yogurt) with oriental band from 10:00 PM to 02:30 AM... more>>
Ragab Sons
Ramadan bag available in three sizes, 1st size for 26 LE, the bag includes: (sugar 1k, rice 1k, oil 800 ml, margarine 350 gm, tomato sauce 300 gm, 2 packets macaroni 350 gm), the 2nd size for 37 LE,... more>>
Le Jardin
Enjoy special Ramadan Program including: Iftar open buffet accompanied by house music from 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM.

Sohour set menu including: oriental food, foul, falafel & yogurt from 12:00 AM to 03:00 AM... more>>

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