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Totally Jammed


29 El Nasr St., New Maadi, Maadi, Cairo In Front Of Maadi Public Library

Keywords: Lebanese Cuisine... +7
Categories: Chinese Food +3



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Overall Ratings

3.8 based on 5 reviews

Ratings & Reviews
  • Ahmed Emad 0.0

    بكين من اميز المطاعم فى المعادى و اشهرها و ده يرجع للمكان المميز الموجود فيه المطعم و اللى بيخلى مجموعة كبيرة من المترددين على حى المعادى يمروا عليه و طبعا بيشدهم ديكوراته و تصاميمه الخارجية المميزة فعلا ده طبعا قبل ما يدوقوا اكله لانهم بعد ما يدوقوه هيروحوا بكين عشان اكله اللذيذ الممتع و اللى مفيش مطاعم كتير فى مصر بتقدمه فهم عندهم مجموعة متنوعة من الاكلات و المشروبات و طبعا بالنكهة الصينية و كلنا عارفين لذة طعم الاكل الصينى اللى بيختلف عن اى مأكولات اخرى بالعالم المطعم نظيف جدا هوا غالى شوية و لكن يستاهل بجد انك تروح و تجرب الاكل بتاع و فعلا هتستمتع جدا

  • marium mohamed 3.0

    Peking is a restaurant that presents Chinese cuisine, but it leans more toward a formal restaurant. The restaurant is recognizable by its red color and Chinese statues, which is a regular for a Chinese restaurant. One thing that disappointed us during our visit was that the tables were very close to each other. You feel that every one is sitting with you and this is also because the restaurant isn't so big and is always busy.The menu included all kinds, from meat to chicken, to fish to duck besides vegetarian dishes. We ordered crispy shrimps as a starter. It was for 48 LE and it was presented with two dipping sauces, soy and sweet and sour. The dish was big enough to be a main course, but the shrimp wasn't so fresh. Then we tried noodles with shrimps and chicken with vegetables for 28 LE. Each contained very rare shrimp and chicken and noodles. It wasn't tasty.

  • Ehab Wassily 4.0

    Peking, I always watched people in sitcoms or movies munch on Chinese food with chopsticks and I always wanted to try it out. My first interaction and experience with Chinese food was through Peking, my friends told me about it. Prices were a bit high, but the food itself was amazing. It was totally worth it. Although now there are a lot of Asian and Chinese food places, such as mori sushi and fusion, and they are very good, I still have a soft spot for Peking since it’s my first experience with Chinese and Asian food.

  • mayar elazhary 0.0

    They serve great oriental dishes and they have a wide collection of spring rolls to choose from. The prawn spring roll is good and cooked professionally and it only costs 12.5 l.e. The Crisp Fried Chicken is good too, and it costs about 25 pounds only. Their salads are good and healthy too and they have a special salad, which is the Peking Salad and it consists of glass noodles, Chinese mushrooms and watercress and it costs 12 le. Also, the soups are great too and they also have their own special soup.

  • Sharona McLeod 5.0

    Peking offers a classic oriental menu. The spring rolls are particularly good, cooked to perfection and served with all of the dips and appetizers you'd expect. The staff caters to customers desires attentively. Don't feel like eating out tonight? Order home delivery from Peking. It might take a few minutes longer than some other deliveries but worth the wait as the food arrives hot and freshly prepared.

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