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Totally Jammed

NOLA CupCakes


12 Brazil St., Zamalek, Cairo


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3.3 based on 2 reviews

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  • Yassin Abd El RAhman 0.0

    It’s true that a bakery relieves stress and awakens your senses. If you are a fan of a bakery, you wouldn’t really want to miss out on that one, no one and I mean no one in Cairo does it like NOLA, located at the quite chic neighborhood of Zamalek. It adds some sense of history with a tint of blueberry/ raspberry and caramel dipped chocolate to the place. The place is a grab n' go place, not really the place for sit-ins. It is very small compared to how big their cupcakes are. Bad news for the other part of town across the bridge, Zamalek is the only branch. Good news is that they even have cupcakes you could buy and go to charity. So that after all, you won’t feel totally horrible about yourself breaking your diet.

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