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National Bank Of Egypt

15th Of May Branch

Zone 11, Regal El Aamal District, 15th of may city, Cairo Beside 15th Of May City Authority


3 El Sayed Mohamed Korayem St.,Beside Abi El Abbas Mosque ABI AL ABBAS, ALEXANDRIA54 El Bitash St. AGAMI, ALEXANDRIAInternational Park Wall, ,In Front Of Police Hospital ALEX. CAIRO DESERT RD., ALEXANDRIAPlot 21A, Alex Cairo Desert Rd.El Nassereya AMREYA, ALEXANDRIA84 Mostafa Kamel St. BAKOOS, ALEXANDRIA37 Port Said St. CAMP SHIZAR, ALEXANDRIA21 Toson St. EL ATTARIN, ALEXANDRIA7 El Nasr St.,Inside Alexandria Port Authority EL GOMROK, ALEXANDRIA239 El Horreya Rd.,In Front Of Sporting Club EL IBRAHIMEYA, ALEXANDRIA161 El Aman St. EL KABBARI, ALEXANDRIAMasged El Mandara St., Off El Guish Rd., El Awqaf Bldg. EL MANDARA, ALEXANDRIA9 Salah Salem St.,In Front Of Omar Effendi EL MANSHEYA, ALEXANDRIA24 Salah Salem St. EL MANSHEYA, ALEXANDRIA1 Sheraton El Montazah Towers, EL MONTAZAH, ALEXANDRIA26 El Eqbal St. EL SARAYA, ALEXANDRIAAdib Moaqqad St., Commercial Market EL SEYOUF SHAMAA, ALEXANDRIA116 El Horreya Rd. El Shalalat Sq. EL SHALALAT, ALEXANDRIAPort Said St.,Inside Faculty Of Commerce - Alexandria University EL SHATBY, ALEXANDRIATeraet El Mahmoudeya Rd.,Near To Karmouz Police Station GHEIT EL ENAB, ALEXANDRIAEl Hannoville Main St. HANNOVILLE, ALEXANDRIA685 A El Horreya Rd. LORAN, ALEXANDRIA25 El Rassafa St.,Beside Fathalla Gomla Market MOHARRAM BEY, ALEXANDRIA9 Kiroseiz Towers, Ibrahim Sherif St. Off El Horreya Rd. MOSTAFA KAMEL, ALEXANDRIABanks Zone,In Front Of New Borg El Arab City Authority NEW BORG EL ARAB, ALEXANDRIA15 El Ghorfa El Togareya St., El Concord Tower,Behind Nassar Restaurant RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA17 A Syria St. ROUSHDY, ALEXANDRIAEl Guish Rd.,Inside San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall SAN STEFANO, ALEXANDRIABahaa El Din El Ghatwary St. Off Fawzy Moaz St. SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIASmouha Sporting Club Wall, Victor Emanuel St. SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA587 El Horreya Rd. SIDI BESHR, ALEXANDRIAMahattet Sidi Gaber Sq.,Inside Sidi Gaber Railway Station, Commercial Complex SIDI GABER, ALEXANDRIA103 Sidi Gaber St. SIDI GABER EL SHEIKH, ALEXANDRIARostom St. Intersection Of Philip Gallad St. VICTORIA, ALEXANDRIA603 El Horreya Rd. ZEZENIA, ALEXANDRIAEl Galaa St. ABOU TIG, ASSYOUTEl Galaa St. Abou El Gabal Division,Beside Alex Bank DAYRUT, ASSYOUTEl Galaa St. EL QUSEYAH, ASSYOUTEl Gamaa St. Intersection Of Yousry Ragheb St.,Near To Assiut University GHARB DISTRICT, ASSYOUTEl Tahrir St. MANFALUT, ASSYOUTSaad Zaghloul Sq.,Beside Alex Bank SHARK DISTRICT, ASSYOUTEl Mahatta St. Sidfa, ASSYOUTEl Bonouk Sq., 10th Of Ramadan District ABOU SIMBEL, ASWANMagles El Madina Bldgs., Safeya Zaghloul St. DARAW, ASWAN8 Abtal El Tahrir St.Misr Lel Taamin Bldg.,Near To Aswan Governorate Bldg. DOWNTOWN, ASWANCorniche El Nil St. EDFOU, ASWANAbtal El Tahrir St., Off Corniche El Nil St. EL CORNICHE, ASWANPort Said St.,In Front Of Railway Station KOM OMBO, ASWANAirport Rd., Sahary City,Inside South Valley University SAHARY, ASWANPlot 156, , Sharq El Nil City,Beside The Arab Contractors Co. BENISUEF AL GADIDA, BENISUEFSalah Salem St. Benisuef, BENISUEFEl Guish St. EL FASHN, BENISUEF54 Dr. Abdel Halim St. EL WASTAH, BENISUEFEl Mostashfa El Sharqy St., Boush Village,In Front Of Boush General Hospital Nasser, BENISUEF5 Ahmed Said St. El Faransawy Sq. ABBASSEYA, CAIRO419 Ramsis St.,In Front Of El Nour Mosque ABBASSEYA, CAIRO13, 14 Aghakhan Towers, Corniche El Nil AGHAKHAN, CAIRO101 Ain Shams St., Intersection Of 6th Of October St. AIN SHAMS, CAIRO68 Ghonaim Towers Ein Shams St. AIN SHAMS, CAIROTalaat Mostafa St., Administrative Zone AL REHAB CITY, CAIRO393 Port Said St.,Inside Wekalet El Azhar Mall AZHAR, CAIRO227 El Guish St. BAB EL SHAAREYA, CAIROCommercial Zone, Badr City Services Center BADR CITY, CAIRO1187 Corniche El Nil,Near To Ministry Of Foreign Affairs BOULAK, CAIRO El Ahly Phone Service BOULAK, CAIRO1 Abdullah Ezzat St. Off Misr Helwan Agriculture Rd. DAR EL SALAM, CAIRO13 El Gomhoureya St.,Beside Egypt Free Shops Co. - EFS DOWNTOWN, CAIRO9 El Sharifain St. DOWNTOWN, CAIRO24 Sherif St.,Beside Central Bank Of Egypt DOWNTOWN, CAIRO4 El Shawarby St. DOWNTOWN, CAIRO39 Abdel Khaleq Tharwat St. DOWNTOWN, CAIRO30 Ramsis St.,Beside Egyptian Syndicate Of Engineers DOWNTOWN, CAIRORamsis Sq.,Inside Egyptian National Railways DOWNTOWN, CAIRO160 Gawhar El Qaed St. EL GAMALEYA, CAIRO12 El Gabalaya St.,Inside El Gezirah Youth Club EL GEZIRAH, CAIRO18, 20 Ahmed Omar St. EL HELMEYA EL GEDIDAH, CAIRORing Rd.,Inside Egyptian Shooting Club EL KATAMEYA, CAIROPlot 35 Ring Rd., Investment Zone EL KATAMEYA, CAIROPlot 2C Ring Rd., Investment Zone,Beside National Bank Hospital For Integral Care EL KATAMEYA, CAIRO67 Abdel Aziz Al Saoud St. EL MANYAL, CAIRO23 Manial St., El Roda EL MANYAL, CAIRO4 Gawhar El Qaed St. EL MOUSKY, CAIROSquare 1321, Ahmed Lotfy St. Off Mohamed Kamel Hussein St.,Behind Sindbad Park EL NOZHA EL GADIDA, CAIRO42 Secon Bldgs., EL SAWAH, CAIRO5 Mohamed Ezz El Arab St. - El Mobtadaian St. Previously,Beside KFC EL SAYEDA ZEINAB, CAIRO6th Plot, , 7th District,Inside Panorama Mall El Shorouq, 2nd Floor EL SHEROUK CITY, CAIRONeighbourhood G, 2nd District EL SHEROUK CITY, CAIRO248 Teraet El Gabal St. EL ZAYTOUN, CAIRO19 Maahad Nasser St.,Near To Nasser Institute For Research & Treatment El SAHEL, CAIRO49 Kamel Sedqy St. FAGGALA, CAIRO8 Ibrahim Naguib St. GARDEN CITY, CAIRO11 Modereyet El Tahrir St. GARDEN CITY, CAIRO11 Gamal El Din Abou El Mahasen St. GARDEN CITY, CAIRO128 El Bonyan Towers, Gesr El Suez St. GESR EL SUEZ, CAIRO60 Misr Ismaileya Desert Rd., Industrial Zone,Beside Bavaria - Fire Fighting Solutions Co. GESR EL SUEZ, CAIRO217 Ramsis St.,Below Mohandes Insurance - MIC Co. GHAMRAH, CAIRO111 El Madina El Monawara St. HADAYEK EL KOBBA, CAIRO132 A Misr & Sudan St. HADAYEK EL KOBBA, CAIRO9 Hamouda St. HADAYEK HELWAN, CAIRO115 El Thawra St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO4 Botros Ghaly St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO57 Omar Ibn El Khattab St., El Sabaa Emarat Sq.,Beside Le Meridien Heliopolis Hotel HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO35 Farid Semeika St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO7 El Ahram St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO63 El Merghany St. Intersection Of El Thawra St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO9 El Sebaq St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIROAirport Rd.,Cairo International Airport, Inside Cairo Airport Cargo HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO1, Triumph Sq. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO14 Khaled Ibn El Walid St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO25 El Khalifa El Maamoun St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO32 Nehro St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO15 El Horreya St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO99 El Hegaz St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO50 El Khalifa El Maamoun St.,Inside Souk El Asr Mall HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO15 El Horreya St.,Near To Cinnzeo Restaurant HELIOPOLIS, CAIROSquare 1181, 7th Plot, Sayed Zakareya St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO6 Mahmoud Hafez St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO21 Ibrahim El Laqqany St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO97 A Selim El Awal St. HELMEYET EL ZAITOUN, CAIRO19 Sherif St., Intersection Of Khesro St. HELWAN, CAIRO46 A Mansour St.,In Front Of Helwan Metro Station HELWAN, CAIRO33 A Kasr El Ainy St.,In Front Of Faculty Of Pharmacy - Cairo University KASR EL AINY, CAIRO7 El Gazaer St.,Near To Ragab Sons Supermarket MAADI, CAIRO4 Rd. 155 Off El Horreya Sq.,Behind Maadi Hotel MAADI, CAIROGupco For Petroleum Bldgs., Palestine St. Intersection Of Rd. 270 MAADI, CAIROEl Nil Towers, Corniche El Nil,In Front Of Water Surfaces Police MAADI, CAIRO39 Rd. 10,Near To Maadi Metro Station MAADI, CAIROMaadi Sporting Club & Yacht Wall, Demascus St.,Beside Maadi Sporting Club & Yacht MAADI, CAIRO28 Sama El Maadi Towers, Corniche El Nil St.,Beside Holiday Inn Cairo Maadi Hotel MAADI, CAIROPlot 10062 Carrefour Rd., 10th Neighbourhood, El Mearag City,Near To Total Egypt Gas Station MAADI, CAIRO339 Rd. 9 MAADI, CAIRORd. 257,Beside Sports Center MAADI, CAIRO11 Block 87 El Khamseen St., Sector 13,Beside Abou Lela Juices MAADI, CAIRO979 Corniche El Nil MISR EL KADIMA, CAIROPlot 112B, El Nafoura Sq. MOKATTAM, CAIROPhase 1, Administrative Zone, Banks Complex Madinty, CAIRO81 Abou Dawoud El Zahery St. NASR CITY, CAIRO9 El Obour Bldgs., Salah Salem Rd. NASR CITY, CAIROOmar Ibn El Khattab St.,Inside Citystars Mall, Phase 1, 1St Floor, Unit 1005 NASR CITY, CAIRO6 Abbas El Akkad St.,In Front Of Koshary El Tahrir NASR CITY, CAIRO38 El Tayaran St. NASR CITY, CAIRO75 El Nasr Rd.,Inside Tiba Outlet Mall NASR CITY, CAIRO37 Mostafa El Nahhas St. NASR CITY, CAIRO66 Ahmed El Zomor St. NASR CITY, CAIROOmar Ibn El Khattab St.,In Front Of Citystars Mall NASR CITY, CAIROHassan Aflatoun St.,In Front Of Administrative Control Authority - ACA NASR CITY, CAIROAtteya El Sawalhy St., Extension Of Makram Ebaid St.,Inside El Serag City Mall NASR CITY, CAIRO4 Youssef Abbas St.,Behind Central Auditing Organization NASR CITY, CAIROBlock A, Hob El Din St. Off El Nabawy El Mohandes St.,Behind Cairo Gas Co. NASR CITY, CAIRO1 El Mokhayam El Daem St.,Inside Al Azhar University NASR CITY, CAIRO15 Samir Abdel Raouf St. Extension Of Makram Ebaid St. NASR CITY, CAIRO12 El Batrawy St. NASR CITY, CAIRO12 Abdullah El Araby St., Extension Of El Tayaran St. NASR CITY, CAIRO63 Mohamed Hassanein Heikal St. NASR CITY, CAIROAnwar El Mofty St. , Tiba 2000 Project,Inside Tiba Mall NASR CITY, CAIRORing Rd.,Inside Police Academy NEW CAIRO, CAIROEl Obour St., Off El Tesaeen St.,Inside Point 90 Mall NEW CAIRO, CAIROEl Qoronfel NEW CAIRO, CAIROPlot 80, Rd. 90 Banks Complex NEW CAIRO, CAIROEl Sadat Spine, Off Ring Rd.,Inside Emerald Twin Plaza NEW CAIRO, CAIROEl Tesaeen St.,Beside HSBC Bank Egypt NEW CAIRO, CAIROEl Sabaeen St., Banks Complex NEW CAIRO, CAIRORing Rd.,Inside Cairo Festival City Mall, 3rd Floor, Unit H7 NEW CAIRO, CAIROPetrosport Club Wall, El Tesaeen St. NEW CAIRO, CAIRO, Spine 79, 1St District Services Zone,Inside El Hamd Mall, Ground Floor NEW CAIRO, CAIROMohamed Naguib Spine, The Waterway Compound NEW CAIRO, CAIRO1313 Corniche El Nil ROAD EL FARAG, CAIROAly Bey El Naggar St., Geziret Badran,Beside El Araby Group For Appliances SHOUBRA, CAIRO280 Shoubra St.,Beside Kasr El Elysee Pastry SHOUBRA, CAIRO418 El Teraa El Boulaqeya St. Victoria Sq.,Near To Nasr El Islam Mosque SHOUBRA, CAIRO24 Shoubra St. SHOUBRA, CAIRO33 A Mohamed Mazhar St. ZAMALEK, CAIROEl Mashraba St. MASBAT, DAHAB37 Saad Zaghloul St. Off Corniche El Nil St.,Near To Damietta Governorate DAMIETTA, DAMIETTACorniche El Nil St. El Zarka, DAMIETTAEl Mogamaa El Islamy St. Off El Fanar St. Ezbet El Borg, DAMIETTA3rd Plot, , Centeral Zone,Beside Mobil Gas Station NEW DAMIETTA, DAMIETTAMohamed Amer Gaballah St. El Zahraa Division ABOU HOMMOS, EL BEHEIRAEl Gomhoureya St. Damanhour, EL BEHEIRAGamal Abdel Nasser St. - 26th Of July St. Previously,Beside City Council EDKU, EL BEHEIRAMostafa Kamel St.,Behind City Council ETAY EL BAROD, EL BEHEIRA13 El Karnak St., Intersection Of Port Said St. KAFR EL DAWAR, EL BEHEIRAEl Tahrir St. KOM HAMADA, EL BEHEIRA186 Abdel Salam Aref St. RASHID(ROSETA), EL BEHEIRATalaat Harb St., El Esraa Tower,Beside Banque Misr AS SINBILLAWAIN, EL DAKAHLEYAEl Thawra St. El Mahatta Sq. BELQAS, EL DAKAHLEYAEl Orouba St.,Beside Omar Effendi DIKIRNIS, EL DAKAHLEYA167 El Gomhoureya St. EL MANSOURA, EL DAKAHLEYA2 El Guish St.,Beside Dakahleya Governorate EL MANSOURA, EL DAKAHLEYA55 El Kholafaa El Rashedin St. EL MANSOURA, EL DAKAHLEYA60 El Gomhoureya St.,Inside Mansoura University EL MANSOURA, EL DAKAHLEYAEl Manzalah El Mansoura Agricultural Rd. EL MANZALAH, EL DAKAHLEYAEl Horreya St. MIT GHAMR, EL DAKAHLEYAEl Mahatta St. Intersection Of 26th Of July St. MIT GHAMR, EL DAKAHLEYAEl Bahr St. Nabarouh, EL DAKAHLEYA216 El Galaa St. SHERBIN, EL DAKAHLEYA9 Gamal Abdel Nasser St. El Masalla Sq., Misr Lel Taamin Bldg. DOWNTOWN, EL FAYOUM.,Inside Fayoum University EL GAMAAH, EL FAYOUMEl Gomhoureya St. IBSHAWAY, EL FAYOUM26th Of July St. Tamyah, EL FAYOUMPort Said St. Intersection Of Tanta El Mansoura Rd.,Beside Rady Specialized Hospital AS-SANTAH, EL GHARBEYA23rd Of July St.,Beside Sidnawy BASSIOUN, EL GHARBEYAShokry El Qawatly St. Intersection Of Mohamed Farid St. EL MAHALLA EL KOBRA, EL GHARBEYA6 Moheb St.,In Front Of Culture Palace EL MAHALLA EL KOBRA, EL GHARBEYAEl Gomhoureya Sq. KAFR EL ZAYAT, EL GHARBEYAEl Bank El Ahly St., Ard El Eslah El Zeraey,In Front Of Banque Misr KUTOUR, EL GHARBEYAEl Bahr St. SAMANNOUD, EL GHARBEYA59 Said St. Intersection Of El Moatasem St.,Beside Faculty Of Commerce - Tanta University TANTA, EL GHARBEYA3 Mohamed El Fateh St. Intersection Of Aly Pasha Mubarak St. TANTA, EL GHARBEYAEl Bahr St., Medical Complex,In Front Of Faculty Of Science - Tanta University TANTA, EL GHARBEYA2 El Guish St.,Beside Tanta Theater TANTA, EL GHARBEYABerket El Sabaa St.,In Front Of We - Telecom Egypt ZEFTA, EL GHARBEYA116 Port Said St.,Beside City Council - Abou Qurqas ABOU QURQAS, EL MENIAMisr Aswan Agricultural Rd.,Beside Faculty Of Dentistry - Minia University ARD SHALABY, EL MENIAAhmed Maher St. - El Shawany St. Previously BANI MAZAR, EL MENIAEl Horreya St.,Beside Security Directorate DOWNTOWN, EL MENIABlock 1Industrial Zone El Menia El Gadida, EL MENIAHandaset El Ray St.,Near To Maghagha Police Station MAGAGHAH, EL MENIAGamal El Din Boraie St., Intersection Of Omar Ibn El Khattab St.,Beside Coptic Orthdox Archdicese MALLAWI, EL MENIATeraet Mattay St., Intersection Of El Markaz St. MATTAY, EL MENIAEl Kamal St. SAMALUT, EL MENIAEl Guish St. ASHMOUN, EL MONOFEYAEl Nasr Rd.,Beside City Council BERKET EL SABAA, EL MONOFEYA13 El Galaa St. EL BAGOUR, EL MONOFEYA58 Talaat Harb St.,Beside El Shohadaa Educational Administration El Shohadaa, EL MONOFEYAZein El Din St.,Behind City Council MINUF, EL MONOFEYAEl Bank El Ahly St. Intersection Of Sabry St.,In Front Of Abou El Nasr Mosque QUWASNAH, EL MONOFEYA4 El Guish St. QUWASNAH, EL MONOFEYAMubarak Industrial City, 2nd Industrial Zone, Kofour El Raml,In Front Of Power Grid Industrial Zone QUWASNAH, EL MONOFEYA3rd District Services Spine, Banks Complex SADAT City, EL MONOFEYA26th Of July St. SARS ELLAYAN, EL MONOFEYAGamal Abdel Nasser St.,Inside Menofia University SHEBEIN EL KAWM, EL MONOFEYAEl Galaa El Bahary St.,Beside Monofeya Governorate SHEBEIN EL KAWM, EL MONOFEYA3 Teraet El Batanounya St. TALA, EL MONOFEYAEl Ordoneya 10th OF RAMADAN, EL SHARKEYAPlot 4ABanks Complex 10th OF RAMADAN, EL SHARKEYAEl Guish St.,In Front Of El Nasr Mosque ABOU HAMMAD, EL SHARKEYA215 A Mostafa Kamel St. El Mahatta Sq. ABOU KEBEIR, EL SHARKEYATeraet El Serag El Bahary St.El Zohour District AL HUSEINEYA, EL SHARKEYAEl Bahr St. Awlad Saqr, EL SHARKEYAGamal Abdel Nasser St.,Beside City Council BELBEIS, EL SHARKEYA27 El Nasr St. DEYERB NEGM, EL SHARKEYA24 Talaat Harb St.,Near To El Qeddis Youssef School EL ZAGAZIG, EL SHARKEYA36 Saad Zaghloul St., Mansheyet Abaza,In Front Of El Sharqeya Governorate EL ZAGAZIG, EL SHARKEYATalaat Harb St., Nour El Mostafa Tower,Beside Mar Gerges Church EL ZAGAZIG, EL SHARKEYA55 El Horreya St. El Ibrahimeya, EL SHARKEYAEl Mashroua St. FAQUS, EL SHARKEYAOmar Ibn El Khattab St.,Behind Railway Station HEHIA, EL SHARKEYAEl Gomhoureya El Sharqy St.,Behind Railway Station KAFR SAKR, EL SHARKEYAEl Orouba St.,In Front Of Mashtoul El Souk Central Hospital MASHTOUL EL SOUK, EL SHARKEYAEl Sayed Maraie St. MINYA EL QAMH, EL SHARKEYAMain St.,In Front Of El Wadi El Gadid Security Directorate El Kharga, EL WADI EL GADID1St Plot, 9th Neighbourhood, West Somid, Services Center 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZABanks Complex, El Gomla Market 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAEl Sheikh Zayed Sporting Club Wall, , 3rd District 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAPlot 33, 6th Neighbourhood, 4th District,Inside Al Guezira Plaza Mall, Administrative Bldg., Bldg. 3 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZA, Beverly Hills,Inside The Strip Mall 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAExtension Of 26th Of July Spine,Inside Americana Plaza Mall, Shop 20 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAMina Garden City Compound,Inside Commercial Mall 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAPlot 1/7, , 4th Industrial Zone, Banks Complex 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZA56 3rd Plot Central Spine 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAEl Wahat Rd.,Inside Mall Of Egypt, Gate D, Level 2 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAEl Wahat Rd.,Inside Dream Park, Main Gate 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAEl Wahat Rd., Hadaeq El Fardous,Inside Star Mall, Bldg. 3 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAJuhaina Sq.,Inside Mall Of Arabia, Unit 73H 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZA3 Boraie Plaza Towers, El Hosary Sq.,Behind El Hosary Mosque 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAPlot 336th Neighbourhood, 4th District,Inside Al Guezira Plaza Mall 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZAKm 28, Cairo Alex Desert Rd.,Inside Smart Village, Financial Zone, Bldg. S11 ABOU RAWASH, GIZA160 El Nil St. AGOUZA, GIZA7 Dr. Mohamed Shahin St., Off Hassan Mohamed El Razaz St. - Nawal St. Previously AGOUZA, GIZA201 26th Of July St. AGOUZA, GIZA4 El Mathaf El Zeraey St. AGOUZA, GIZAEl Gomhoureya St.,Beside El Bahwashy Mosque AUSEEM, GIZA16 Ahmed Zewail St. - Tharwat St. Previously BEIN EL SARAYAT, GIZA16 Ahmed Zewail St. BEIN EL SARAYAT, GIZAKm 28, ,Inside Dandy Mega Mall, Ground Floor, Unit 22 CAIRO ALEX DESERT RD., GIZACairo Alex Desert Rd. Shams Division, Bldg. 99,In Front Of The Grand Egyptian Museum CAIRO ALEX DESERT RD., GIZA65 Charles De Gaulle St. - Giza St. Previously,Near To Giza Security Directorate DOKKI, GIZA73 Sudan St. DOKKI, GIZA3 Mossadak St.,Beside We - Telecom Egypt DOKKI, GIZA92 El Tahrir St., Saridar Tower,Beside Asad Ibn El Forat Mosque DOKKI, GIZA98 El Tahrir St., Dokki Sq., Dokki Administrative Tower DOKKI, GIZA9 El Mosiqar Aly Ismail St. - Oday St. Previously,Near To Al Tahrir Cinema DOKKI, GIZA26 Misr Asiout Agricultural Rd. EL AYAT, GIZAEl Nil El Said St., Off Misr Asiout Agricultural Rd., El Zahraa Tower EL BADRASHIN, GIZAAhmed Orabi St., Intersection Of Mohamed Hafez St.,In Front Of El Khalil Markets EL BARAGIL, GIZAEl Lebbiny St. EL HARAM, GIZA40 Khatem El Morsaleen St. EL HARAM, GIZA1 Tarek Ibn Zeyad St. EL HARAM, GIZA44 Haram St. EL HARAM, GIZA439 Haram St.,In Front Of Giza Governorate EL HARAM, GIZAMisr Asiout Agricultural Rd.,In Front Of Traffic Station - El Hawamdeya EL HAWAMDEYA, GIZAEl Gomhoureya St. EL SAFF, GIZA150 Corniche El Nil Intersection Of Abdel Moneim Riad St., Warraq El Hadar EL WARAK, GIZA366 Faisal St.,Beside South Cairo & Giza Flour Mills & Bakeries FAISAL, GIZA3 Abi Shamar St.,Near To France Embassy GIZA, GIZAGamaet El Qahera St.,Inside Cairo University GIZA, GIZA12 Rabea El Gizy St. GIZA, GIZA3 A El Gamaa St. Giza Sq. GIZA, GIZA174 El Bahr El Aazam St.,Beside Mahgoub For Ceramic & Porcelain GIZA, GIZA304 El Bahr El Aazam St. GIZA, GIZAGamaet El Qahera St.,Inside Faculty Of Engineering - Cairo University GIZA, GIZA149 Sudan St. MOHANDESEEN, GIZA28 El Thawra St. MOHANDESEEN, GIZA52 Geziret El Arab St.,Near To Roshdy Pharmacies MOHANDESEEN, GIZA15, 16 Zamalek Club Wall, ,Near To EGYPTAIR Co. MOHANDESEEN, GIZA34 El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz St.,Beside Ceramica Cleopatra Group MOHANDESEEN, GIZA201 26th Of July St. MOHANDESEEN, GIZA20 Syria St. MOHANDESEEN, GIZAMisr Asiout Agricultural Rd. Manial Shiha, GIZAEl Corniche Rd.,In Front Of Hurghada General Hospital DAHAR, HURGHADAEl Nasr St.,In Front Of Abou Alaa For Shoes DAHAR, HURGHADA9th PlotBanks Complex DOWNTOWN, HURGHADASheraton Rd., Intersection Of El Nasr St., El Sekala Sq. SEKALA, HURGHADATouristic Passage,In Front Of Marlin Inn Azur Resort VILLAGES RD., HURGHADA1 Khaled Ibn El Walid St. Intersection Of El Tahrir St. EL AFRANG DISTRICT, ISMAILEYAEl Salam Sq. EL SALAM DISTRICT, ISMAILEYAMarkaz El Shorta St.,Near To Post Office - El Tal El Kabir EL TAL EL KABIR, ISMAILEYAEl Thalathiny St. EL THALATEENY, ISMAILEYAEl Masaleh El Hokoumeya St.,Beside Fayed Central Hospital FAYED, ISMAILEYASuez St.Canal QANTARAH GHARB, ISMAILEYAKm 4.5, ,Inside Suez Canal University RING ROAD, ISMAILEYAGamal Abdel Nasser St. BALTIM, KAFR EL SHEIKHEl Gomhoureya St.,Beside Family Court - Beilla BEILLA, KAFR EL SHEIKHEl Sharekat St.,In Front Of Railway Station DISUQ, KAFR EL SHEIKHAbdel Salam Aref St.,Near To Egyptian Syndicate Of Engineers DOWNTOWN, KAFR EL SHEIKHEl Guish St.,Beside Agricultural Bank Of Egypt - ABE DOWNTOWN, KAFR EL SHEIKHPort Said St.,In Front Of City Council KALEEN, KAFR EL SHEIKHEl Rashid St.,Beside El Wehda Mosque SIDI SALEM, KAFR EL SHEIKH3 Mohamed Abdel Halim Eissa St.,In Front Of Banha Police Station BANHA, KALIOBEYACorniche El Nil St. BANHA, KALIOBEYAMogamaa El Mahakem St.,In Front Of Omar Effendi EL KHANKA, KALIOBEYACorniche El Nil St. EL QANATIR EL KHAYRIYAH, KALIOBEYAGamal Abdel Nasser St. KAFR SHOUKR, KALIOBEYAEl Qanater El Khaireya St. KAHA, KALIOBEYAKm 25, Cairo Ismaileya Desert Rd., Banks Complex, Souk El Gomla OBOUR CITY, KALIOBEYAMisr Ismaileya Desert Rd.Golf City,Beside Golf City Mall OBOUR CITY, KALIOBEYAKm 25, Misr Ismaileya Desert Rd.Industrial Zone,Near To Abou Ghali Automotive Group - AAG OBOUR CITY, KALIOBEYADalia St. Off 10th Of Ramadan St., El Madina El Monawara Tower,Beside Family Court - Qalioub QALYUB, KALIOBEYA9 Port Said St. Intersection Of El Sayed El Debes St. SHEBEIN EL KANATER, KALIOBEYA71 Corniche El Nil,In Front Of Faculty Of Agriculture - Ain Shams University SHOUBRA EL KHAYMAH, KALIOBEYA173 15th Of May St., Mansheyet El Horreya SHOUBRA EL KHAYMAH, KALIOBEYAAhmed Orabi St. SHOUBRA EL KHAYMAH, KALIOBEYAEzz El Din Sadeq El Mougy St. El Tawhid Tower TUKH, KALIOBEYA3 Corniche El Nil St. Luxor, LUXORTiba El Gadida City, 1St District Luxor, LUXORKm 70, Quseir Marsa Alam Rd., El Borg Bldg.,Inside Port Ghalib Resort CORRAYA BAY, MARSA ALAM91 Rd. 9, El Shoriany DOWNTOWN, MARSA ALAM31 El Galaa St.,In Front Of Palace Of Culture DOWNTOWN, MARSA MATROUHMatrouh El Salloum Rd.,Beside 10th Of Ramadan Mosque EL SALLOUM, MARSA MATROUH1 El Minaa St., Banks Complex,In Front Of Nuweibaa Port HARBOUR, NUWEIBAAAlexandria St.,Beside We - Telecom Egypt EL HAMMAM, North CoastKm 97 Alex Matrouh Desert Rd.,Inside Marina 4 Village MARINA, North CoastAlex Matrouh Desert Rd.,Inside Seashell Village SIDI ABDEL RAHMAN, North Coast23rd Of July St. El Maleh Sq.,Inside El Qassas Mall ARISH, North SinaiSalah Salem St. Intersection Of El Tour St.,In Front Of Ambulance EL AFRANG DISTRICT, PORT SAIDEl Sabah St. EL KUWAIT DISTRICT, PORT SAID26 23rd Of July St. EL SHARK DISTRICT, PORT SAIDEl Gomhoureya St., Sarhan Tower,Beside Pizza Pino Restaurant EL SHARK DISTRICT, PORT SAID52 El Gomhoureya St. EL SHARK DISTRICT, PORT SAID15th Of September St. Intersetion Of El Ghofran St.,Near To Port Said Shipyard PORT FOUAD, PORT SAIDHoud El Mahatta DESHNA, QENAHaridy St.,Beside Qena Security Directorate DOWNTOWN, QENAPort Said St.,Behind Farshout Police Station FARSHOUT, QENAMisr Aswan High Rd.,In Front Of Railway Station NAGAA HAMADY, QENAEl Maamal St., Off Corniche El Nil St. NAKADA, QENAEl Gomhoureya St.,Beside Railway Station QUOS, QENAEl Thawra St.,Beside City Council Qift, QENAEl Gomhoureya St. Intersection Of 10th Of Ramadan St.,Beside El Taqwa Mosque DOWNTOWN, QUSEIRHagar El Asas,Beside Shalatin Youth Club Bir Shalatin, Red SeaSuez Canal St.,Beside We - Telecom Egypt Ras Ghareb, Red SeaEl Gomhoureya St., Downtown,In Front Of Safaga Port SOMA BAY, SAFAGAEl Salam Rd.,Inside Sun Shine Hotel NAAMA BAY, SHARM EL SHEIKHEl Salam Rd.El Gharqana,Inside Sierra Resort Nabq NABQ BAY, SHARM EL SHEIKHBanks Complex UMM EL SID HILL, SHARM EL SHEIKHSoho Square,Inside Savoy Sharm El Sheikh Hotel WHITE KNIGHT BAY, SHARM EL SHEIKH. EL BALINA, SOHAG1st Industrial Zone, Banks Complex EL KAWTHER, SOHAGAbdel Moneim Riad St., El Tahrir St. Previously EL MARAGHA, SOHAGEl Ansary St. GERGA, SOHAGDr. Ahmed El Qady Bldg., El Nil St. Sohag, SOHAGEl Tahrir St.,In Front Of Emergency Police Sohag, SOHAGEl Thawra St.,Beside Railway Station TAHTA, SOHAGAhmed Orabi St. Tama, SOHAGPlot 15/40Service Zone, Center B,Beside Suez Gulf Development Authority ATAKA, SUEZEl Shohadaa St. SUEZ DISTRICT, SUEZ7 Saad Zaghloul St. SUEZ DISTRICT, SUEZEl Shaheed Ahmed Hamdy St., Banks Complex,Beside South Sinai Elementary Court El Tur, South Sinai

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