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  • ghada khoraga 5.0

    29th November 2011

    المطعم ظريف وراقي و بيقدم اكل حلو الديكور حلو وفريندلي فعلا يعني ممكن تاخد اولادك وهيرتاحو جدا. عندهم كذا صنف عاجبني والمكان نضيف جدا وهادي للغاية للغداء او العشاء بس الاسعار غالية شوية. والحقيقة عجبتني البيتزا بتاعته قوي غنية ومشبعة.

  • Ehab Wassily 5.0

    29th November 2011

    A must visit restaurant. It's a great place to grab a cup of coffee or have your breakfast while reading the paper or to enjoy your dinner. It's a place for everything with staff better than excellent and a place that has a mood of its own. My favorite dinner option is the pizza. They have one of the most delicious pizzas in Egypt. With a recipe like no other and cheese like no one else, and not that expensive, my pizza choice is always the Fungi. Its ingredients are tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives and oregano.

  • eman sapry 0.0

    3rd November 2011

    ميزون توماس عندو فروع اخري في القاهرة ومن الاماكن المشهورة والمحببة لدي محبي البيتزا والباستا والمطاعم الايطالية كلها وكل فروعو احلي من بعضيهم مع فروق بسيطة، الفرع الاصلي بتاعو او اول فرع ليه كان في الزمالك عمل اول فرع ليه، المكان عندو بيتزات جميلة جدا وبيعملها بطرق كتير ومختلفة كلها وجميلة وبتطلع في الاخر بطعم لذيذ، المكان الديكور بتاعو جميل جدا والمكان هادي ومريح والخدمة هناك ممتازة جدا وبيهتمو بنضافة المكان جدا والمكان حجمو متوسط، الاسعار هناك غالية شوية بس مناسبة مع الخدمة والاكل اللذيذ، احلي حاجه عندهم السوبر سوبريم.

  • newtocairo newtocairo 4.0

    24th August 2010

    After asking several people where to eat in Zamalek, almost everyone said Maison Thomas. We gave it a try and were pleasantly surprised - the pizza was tasty and the service was fast! We both agreed Maison Thomas had the best pizza we have found in Cairo. The server told us the regular size was for one person, so we each ordered a regular size pizza. However, we easily could have split one regular, as the portion size was huge! I have also used the home delivery service in Maadi. My husband said his Fungi pizza was even better than when we ate at the restaurant, but my Margarita pizza was just okay. Also, I was disappointed with the desserts, as they were dry and had no flavor.

  • Andree Therien 0.0

    14th July 2010

    Although Maison Thomas is said to have other branches in Cairo the one in Zamalek, my favorite district, is the one I prefer. The Zamalek location is the original and has been there forever, I love the atmosphere a sort of cozy old world European- Egyptian mix. After tasting some horrible messes disguised under the name of pizza in some restaurants, my search for a good pizza is what brought me here. One taste of the margherita, thin crust, tomatoes, onion and mozzarella convinced me the search was over. The menu also features fresh made baguettes deli sandwiches and other dishes of european flair but as far as I'm concerned just give me my margherita.

  • Trevor nadeau 5.0

    24th June 2010

    I am not sure what has been around longer Maison Thomas or the Pyramids...both are places you must visit when in Cairo... My favourite location is the one in Zamalek right on the corner across from a great book shop called Diwan. Not a huge place but is has a way of always seeming busy but I have never had to wait to get a table. They are all high tables with bar stools. This location does not serve beer and that is a good thing cuz I seem to find myself there after leaving La Bodega which is just half a block away. These guys know how to make pizza - really. I think I have tried everyone on the menu and have now settled into usually ordering a large margarita with onions, beef salami and mushrooms. It is perfect pizza anytime of the day - cuz I think it is open 24 hours or at least seems to be. I highly recommend Maison Thomas.

  • Randa Afifi 0.0

    8th June 2010

    I tried the Maadi branch

  • محمد جمال 3.0

    7th June 2010

    which branch did you try Randa? i have only tried Zamalek and it was really nice.

  • Randa Afifi 0.0

    7th June 2010

    I actually tried once, but didn't like the pizza very much; although tyhe place itself was great. Everyone I know who's been there says it has the best pizza; so I just have to try it again! Any recommendations for me?

  • محمد جمال 3.0

    6th June 2010

    Best place to dine in Zamalek for a late dinner after you've had enough time for partying in Zamalek nightlife places.... What could be better than a thin crust Italian pizza with lots of melting mouth watering mozzarella, pepperoni, olives and mushrooms?? Their pizzas just have the right ingredients and is made exactly the right size to fill in the hunger of a man who likes eating..... Simply two things... nice location and phenomenal pizza!

  • Sherif Essam 0.0

    6th June 2010

    احسن بيتزا في مصر

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