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Totally Jammed

L'AubeRgine Restaurant & Bar

5 A El Sayed El Bakry St. Off Brazil St., Zamalek, Cairo Beside Post Office - Zamalek 3.0

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  • eman sapry 0.0

    3rd November 2011

    احلي حاجه في المطعم ده انو واسع جدا علي دورين في احلي حاجه هناك ان اغلب اللي شغالين شباب يعني هتستمتع جدا بالقعدة هناك مع الشلة لان فرق السن مش كبير وكمان الدور اللي تحت للمطعم والطلبات والتيك اواي وكده اما القعدة الصح في الدور التاني بعيد عن الدوشة بتاعت الناس اللي بيتيجي تطلب وكده، احلي حاجه كمان المنيو بتاعتهم اللي بيغيرو فيها كل شهر تقريبا المنيو مليانة اختيارات والناس بيعملو اكل مايتوصفش وكمان الخدمة عندهم فوق الممتاز الناس كلهم او الشباب كلهم اللي شغالين هناك محترمين جدا وذوق جدا في معاملاتهم اما بالنسبة للاسعار والاكل الاتنين حلوين.

  • lovesART lovesART 0.0

    26th January 2011

    This charming two-story restaurant features a dining room and an upstairs bar. The flexible menu, which changes monthly, offers imaginative International meat and vegetarian entrees. Enjoy classic Egyptian dishes like ful and tameya or Italian favorites like their lasagna formagio. The candlelit bar area has a relaxed vibe and has become very popular with the young Egyptian and expat crowd. L'Aubergine is a great place to meet for evening cocktails or a late evening meal. Busy on weekends.

  • محمد جمال 0.0

    6th June 2010

    consists of 2 floors, the lower floor is a restaurant while the upper one is a pub.... You would enjoy this place if you are below 25 and definitely above 21 as this place serves alcohol.... more of a younger crowd and loud music.... one good thing about this place is that it is not couples restricted which means that you can go and have a drink with your buddy, no minimum charge too.... it seems that this place are removing restrictions to attract more customers like the old good days when they used to be one of the best Cairo's nightlife places...

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