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Totally Jammed
21 El Emdad & El Tamween Bldgs., off El Nasr Rd. Flat 1, Nasr city, Cairo 4.5

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  • newtocairo newtocairo 4.0

    4th October 2010

    No more bad hair days! I have never washed my hair with chlorine in normal water, so when I moved to Cairo, my hair quickly became dry, brittle and thin. A colleague recommended a special showerhead through Health Pro Egypt, which you can now purchase at local Radio Shack stores. For 369 LE, I purchased the "Blu" Vita C – Iconic Advance Filtration System (includes 2 lemon cartridges). I also purchased 3 additional lemon cartridges for 149 LE. The showerhead was very easy to install. I've used this product for a month and can already notice a huge difference. My hair feels much softer and thicker and I no longer have itchy/dry skin. Plus, I no longer smell chlorine when I shower, as the new showerhead has a lovely lemon aroma. The lemon cartridge should last about 1-2 months. I highly recommend this product.

  • Lars Mourey 5.0

    13th June 2010

    Health Pro sells an amazing product which is a vitamin c water filter in the form of a shower head. The water becomes soft, clean and has an amazing lemon aroma. The skin is the human bodies largest organ and during a shower your pores open up and the vitamin C from the shower head moisturizes and heals the skin. I used to suffer from hair loss due to the excessive use of chlorine in normal water but since using this product my hair has become thicker, my skin feels smoother and I no longer suffer from rashes. Chlorine is used all over the world to purify our water but unfortunately Chlorine is a poisonous compound and showering in Chlorine filled water dries out your skin, accelerates hair loss and can even damage internal organs such as lungs etc. This water filter truly changes your shower experience into pure joy. My kids love it and for our infant daughter this is the only water we use for her. My best purchase in a long time. 100% recommended

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