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Faisal Islamic Bank Of Egypt

Ghamra Branch

14 A El Sabaa St. Off Ramsis St., El zaher, Cairo Beside El Tawhid Mosque


698 A El Guish Rd. Intersection Of Atlas St.,Beside Regency Hotel MIAMI, ALEXANDRIA392 El Ashraf Towers, El Horreya Rd. Intersection Of Ahmed Shawky St.,In Front Of Abdullah El Nadeem School MOSTAFA KAMEL, ALEXANDRIAExtension Of Yousry Ragheb St. GHARB DISTRICT, ASSYOUTAbou Simbel St. Off Abtal El Tahrir St., El Awqaf Bldg.,Beside Syndicate Of Applicators EL CORNICHE, ASWAN3 26th Of July St.,Near To B.Tech DOWNTOWN, CAIROCustomer Service DOWNTOWN, CAIRO106 Gawhar El Qaed St.,In Front Of Al Azhar University EL DARRASA, CAIRO38 Abdel Magid El Labban St.,Beside El Sayeda Zeinab Police Station EL SAYEDA ZEINAB, CAIRO82 Othman Ibn Affan St. HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO66 Corniche El Nil,Beside Embassy Of Japan MAADI, CAIRO38 Rd. 9 MOKATTAM, CAIROUnit 111, Phase 1, Banks Complex Madinty, CAIRO15 Ahmed Qassem Gouda St. Off Abbas El Akkad St.,Behind Mcdonald's NASR CITY, CAIROEl Tesaeen St., Zizinia,In Front Of AUC - The American University In Cairo, Gate 4 NEW CAIRO, CAIRO51 Shoubra St.,Beside Raneen Mall For Appliances SHOUBRA, CAIROMain Rd., Central Zone,Beside Culture Palace NEW DAMIETTA, DAMIETTA1 El Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Karim St. El Saah Sq.,Beside Abou Rabea Restaurant Damanhour, EL BEHEIRA1 Talaat Harb St.,In Front Of Dakahleya Governorate Bldg. EL MANSOURA, EL DAKAHLEYA30 Saad Zaghloul St.,Beside Governmental Authorities Complex DOWNTOWN, EL FAYOUMEl Guish St., El Awqaf Bldg. EL MAHALLA EL KOBRA, EL GHARBEYA2 Mohamed Said Pasha St. El Gomhoureya Sq.,In Front Of El Noamany For Tourism TANTA, EL GHARBEYA244 El Horreya St., El Awqaf Bldg.,Beside National Bank Of Egypt EL CORNICHE, EL MENIA6th Neighbourhood, 1St District, Bldg. 4,In Front Of Educational Administration 10th OF RAMADAN, EL SHARKEYAEl Montazah Sq., El Akkadin Bldg.,Behind Security Bureau EL ZAGAZIG, EL SHARKEYA38 Central Spine,Near To Emergency Police 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZA17 Mahmoud Khalil El Hosary St. - El Falouga St. Previously,Near To Natural Medicine Center, Qualifying & Treatment Of Rheumatism - Armed Forces AGOUZA, GIZA149 El Tahrir St., El Galaa Sq.,In Front Of Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino DOKKI, GIZA230 Haram St.,Inside Zezenia Mall, Ground Floor EL HARAM, GIZA4 Ahmed Orabi St. Intersection Of El Guish St.,Near To Ismaileya Railway Station EL AFRANG DISTRICT, ISMAILEYA13 Corniche El Nil,Above Syndicate Of Applicators BANHA, KALIOBEYA8 Cairo AC Milan Club Wall, Misr Ismaileya Desert Rd., Golf City,Beside Golf City Club House OBOUR CITY, KALIOBEYA17 Tarh El Bahr St., Intersection Of El Guish St. EL SHARK DISTRICT, PORT SAIDLuxor St. Off Mostafa Kamal St.,Below Syndicate Of Applicators DOWNTOWN, QENATeraet Baga St., El Tatbiqeyeen Bldg. SHARK DISTRICT, SOHAG3 El Galaa St.,Beside Orange SUEZ DISTRICT, SUEZ

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