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Totally Jammed
Acacia St., Moharram bey, Alexandria Behind International Park 3.0

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  • ahmed farag 0.0

    13th November 2011

    I consider acacia is one of the best clubs in alexandria and that's for several reasons, the price of the membership is so reasonable comparing to the entertainment you will get from the club as it contains a lot of areas which you can practice any sport you like, they have play grounds for football, tennis and a swimming pool. Besides the sport aspect the administration of the club takes in its consideration the social aspect, that's why it has provided alot of green places and cafes. So I think that acacia is a good place for spending your day.

  • mark kamel 4.0

    5th November 2011

    فندق اكاسيا ريزورت من الفنادق الجميله فى محرم بك، فعلآ اسم جميل وان كان فريد من نوعه لكن فعلآ جذاب، جميل المكان بكل اشكاله ويتمتع باقبال عالى من قبل الزوار لانه فعلآ شغل ممتاز نال احترام وقبول وتقدير جميع زواره، المكان تحفه فى كل شئ فالمكان يتميز بالتكامل، فتجد هناك جميع وسائل الترفيه التى تجعلك فى قمه الاستمتاع، اكاسيا ريزورت فندق سياحى فعلآ يستحق ان تذهب اليه ان كنت من عشاق السياحه والاستمتاع الخدمه هناك متميزه جدآ والقائمين على العمل مرحبين وودودين الى ابعد درجه، التصميم نفسه متميز جدآ خدمه غرف وطعام مالهوش مثيل الاسعار تناسب مستوى الخدمه تمامآ يستحق التقدير والثقه.

  • amir tharwat 0.0

    1st July 2010

    This is a very nice club ... A lot of restaurants are there ... The only problem is its location; it is very far from Alexandria ... But maybe it is much better to have a quite place with no noise .... I like it a lot.

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