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Totally Jammed

Royal Beach Resort

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15 Abdel Hamid Badawy St., Heliopolis, Cairo In Front Of El Shams Club, Gate 2 3.6

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3.6 based on 4 reviews

Ratings & Reviews
  • memo usama 0.0

    25th December 2011

    مـــــــكــان مــمــيــــــــــز للغاية وانيق واتمنى ان تتمتع اغلب الاماكن ف مصر بنفس الخدمة ومميزاتها

  • marium mohamed 5.0

    27th October 2011

    The staff was very friendly. They helped us when we forgot our computer at the hotel. The bungalows were nicely situated near the beach and shopping. It was easy to walk home with kids at night. The kids liked the pool. The garden was taken care of well and the swimming pool was really nice. It was in the open air, which was so fantastic. Also, the gym was very good. I enjoyed it too much because I am addicted to sports and all the sporting equipment was very new. I can recommend the massage place near the restaurant. It was great!

  • mohamed bakrawy 0.0

    24th October 2011

    اتمنى قضاء اغلب الاوقات هناك فهو مكان مميز للغاية وانيق واتمنى ان تتمتع اغلب الاماكن ف مصر بنفس الخدمة ومميزاتها

  • George Wahba 3.0

    18th June 2010

    this the best resort u can get a chalet there in the future, I already saw the macket and for sure it looks so good and comfort and i see also that the future of the resorts in egypt will start from that location, also i like to recommend to all of my friends, parents and everybody that looks for relaxing to get a villa in ROYAL BEACH RESORT SIDI ABD EL RAHMAN.

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