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Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Co.


, Mansheyet Mattay, Mattay, El menia Beside El Sheikh Abou Bakr Mosque


Port Said St.,Beside Abnob Industrial School ABNOB, ASSYOUTEl Galaa St.,Beside Abou Tig Court ABOU TIG, ASSYOUTAssyout Cairo agricultural Rd.,Beside Elwan Road Ambulance Assyout, ASSYOUTCorniche El Nil St., Nazlet El Hamraa,In Front Of Spinning Factory Assyout, ASSYOUTPort Said St.,Beside Ice Factory DAYRUT, ASSYOUTGamal Abdel Nasser St.,Beside El Badary Police Station EL BADARY, ASSYOUTEl Fardous St.,In Front Of Tama Bus Station EL GHANAYEM, ASSYOUTEl Mostashfa St.,In Front Of El Quseyah Central Hospital EL QUSEYAH, ASSYOUTBeside Bani Mor Bridge El Fath, ASSYOUT, El Arbaeen,Beside El Iman New Hospital GHARB DISTRICT, ASSYOUTEl Gofar St.,Beside Sporting Club MANFALUT, ASSYOUTBeside New Assyout City Authority New Assyout, ASSYOUTEl gomhoureya St.,Behind Sahel Selim City Council SAHEL SELIM, ASSYOUTAbou El Abbas St.,Beside Sedfa Police Station Sidfa, ASSYOUTEl Ibrahimeya St.,Behind Youth Center BIBA, BENISUEFAbdel Salam Aref St.,In Front Of San Mark School Benisuef, BENISUEFAbdel Salam Aref St. Benisuef, BENISUEFAhmed Orabi st.,In Front Of El Saloun El Akhdar Center Benisuef, BENISUEF, Sharq El Nil, El Mogtamaat EL CORNICHE, BENISUEFEl Gabana St.,Beside Governmental Insurance EL FASHN, BENISUEFSaad Zaghloul st.,Behind City Council EL WASTAH, BENISUEFBank El Kahera St.,Beside Social Insurance IHNASIYA EL MADINAH, BENISUEF, Highway Rd. Nasser, BENISUEFEl Galaa St. SOMOSTA, BENISUEFOmar Ibn El Khattab St.,Near To Post Office ATSA, EL FAYOUM, New Fayoum City CAIRO EL FAYOUM DESERT RD., EL FAYOUMEl Sad El Aaly Bldgs., El Sad El Aaly,Behind Industrial Zone DOWNTOWN, EL FAYOUM, El Halafy,Beside Sporting Hall DOWNTOWN, EL FAYOUM5 El Goun Bldgs.,In Front Of El Goun Bakery DOWNTOWN, EL FAYOUM, Kiman Fares DOWNTOWN, EL FAYOUMEl Gomhoureya St.,Beside Azzam Mosque IBSHAWAY, EL FAYOUMEl Bahr st.,Beside Bank Of Alexandria SINNURAS, EL FAYOUM23rd Of July St.,Beside Commercial School Tamyah, EL FAYOUMPort Said St.,Beside City Council ABOU QURQAS, EL MENIATaha Hussein St.,Beside Sports Club ARD SULTAN, EL MENIAEl Gomhoureya St.,Beside Public Central BANI MAZAR, EL MENIA20 Salah Abdel Hakim St. DAYR MAWAS, EL MENIA, Ard El Mawlad,In Front Of Security Forces DOWNTOWN, EL MENIABein El Shawany St., Off Misr Aswan Rd. DOWNTOWN, EL MENIA78 El Horreya St., El Ekhsas DOWNTOWN, EL MENIAPort Said St.,In Front Of El Edawa Central Hospital EL EDWA, EL MENIA, 5th District El Menia El Gadida, EL MENIAMisr Aswan Rd. MAGAGHAH, EL MENIARd. 25, Off Magidy St. MALLAWI, EL MENIAWabour El Nour St.,Behind Mobarak Park MALLAWI, EL MENIAMisr Aswan Rd.,Beside City Council SAMALUT, EL MENIA.,In Front Of Culture palace El Dakhla, EL WADI EL GADID, Balat Village El Dakhla, EL WADI EL GADID. El Farafra, EL WADI EL GADID. El Kharga, EL WADI EL GADID.,Behind Child's Library Paris, EL WADI EL GADID

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