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Totally Jammed

South Cairo For Electricity Distribution Co.

15th Of May City

, 3rd Neighbourhood, American Project, 15th of may city, Cairo Beside We - Telecom Egypt


, El Bawity El Barrany,Beside El Wahat El Bahareya Hospital BAHARIA OASIS, BAHARIA OASIS53 26th Of July St.,beside El Galaa Educational Hospital DOWNTOWN, CAIROEl Basateen el omoumy st., Floor 1,beside el basateen police Station EL BASSATEEN, CAIRO, Salah El Din Sq.,Beside El Khalifa Police Station EL KHALIFA, CAIRO60 el sabteya st., Sidi Said Sq.,beside Talaat Mosque EL SABTEYA, CAIRO8 Aly Hassan St., Off Port Said St.,Beside Dar El Hilal Establishment Publishers EL SAYEDA ZEINAB, CAIROahmed onsy st., intersection of mohamed sayed ahmed st.,in front of helwan post office HELWAN, CAIRO3 Wadi El Nil St.,Near To El Farouq Mosque MAADI, CAIRO16 El Gezirah Bldgs., Middle Hill MOKATTAM, CAIRO, Lailat El Qadr Sq. 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZA3, 1st Neighbourhood, 1st District,Beside El Mohandeseen Center 6th OF OCTOBER, GIZA26 Hassan Mohamed El Razaz St. - Nawal St. Previously, Off El Nil St.,Beside El Agouza Police Station AGOUZA, GIZAEl Qady St.,Behind Drainage Station AUSEEM, GIZAAtfih Main Rd.,Beside Atfih Police Station Atfih, GIZA9 Shokry El Qawatly St.,Beside Railway Station EL AYAT, GIZAAbdel Moneim Laban St.,Beside El Badrasheen Central & Water Station EL BADRASHIN, GIZA3 Studio El Ahram St., Off Haram St.,Beside Total Gas Station EL HARAM, GIZAAbou Bakr El Seddik Bldgs. El Guish St.,Beside El Saff Traffic EL SAFF, GIZACorniche El Nil,In Front Of El Warraq Police Station EL WARAK, GIZATeraet El Zomor St.,in Front Of Faisal Metro Station FAISAL, GIZAMaahad El Fatayat St., El Mansoureya,In Front Of El Husseineya Mosque GIZA, GIZAMahattet El Sarf St., Off El Madina El Monawara St., Bashteel,Beside We - Telecom Egypt IMBABA, GIZA, Wardan Village,Beside Health Insurance IMBABA, GIZASaad Zaghloul St.,Beside Advanced Slaughterhouse & Electrical Distributor Kerdasa, GIZABeside Manshyet El Qanater Police Station Manshyet El Qanatir, GIZA

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