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Quseir Marsa Alam Rd., Corraya bay, Marsa alam Beside Marsa Alam International Airport 4.0

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  • محمد جمال 4.0

    25th September 2010

    Port Ghalib lies about 100 KM south of Quseir, and it is about 5 KM away from Marsa Alam airport. I guess it is fair enough to say that Port Ghalib lies on the last point of civilization that exists on the red sea coast of Egypt... If you go 60 KM to the south after Port Ghalib you will reach a city called Marsa Alam which is really far away from what you would expect when you hear that name... This city is in the middle of no where... although it is supposed to be down town this city was never built and seems that it will never be built... it is just two streets one called al Khorafy St. and the Other is called road 9. There are no signs of civilization at all, perhaps after 20 years it could turn out to something, although I really suspect this since the nearest resort is about 50 KM to the north of this city. And the Airport is 60 KM away (just next to Port Ghalib)... If you continue to the south you will reach Shalateen after 250 KM, and then Halayeb... Perhaps a good way to follow if you are planning to have your weekend in Sudan. Back to port Ghalib, it is a nice place a couple of hotels, a marina, some villas and chalets... You can also find a place for Lunch or dinner such as TGI friday's, Grand Cafe, Costa (2 branches), Baskin Robins. Also there are some diving centers in the Marina. I guess diving is the best thing to do there because the sea is untouched, unpolluted and the Marine life is in its best form... My big mistake was that I went by Car from Hurghada to Marsa Alam (when i thought there is a city with that name), it was about 250 KMs... took it in about 4 hours and the road was really bad... and just had a dinner in Port Ghalib and came back... my advice to anyone is never to go there by Car... If you wanna go, better by airplane and make you stay short over there... a maximum of 3 or 4 days. Unless you are going for diving you will get bored like hell because there is nothing to do there, and there is no city centre to go to... unless you are willing to drive 4 hours to go to Hurghada and come back...

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