expanding your business abroad
Expanding Your Business Abroad
Expanding Your Business Abroad...
If you or your company is considering investing or expanding abroad, Yellow Media's sister companies in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and United Arab Emirates can assist in achieving your business objectives. To find out how our sister companies can tailor services, and offer ongoing support to get your business recognized outside of Egypt, please contact the following offices:

United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +971 4 342 3233
Website: http://www.LocalSearch.ae/
Email: info@LocalMedia.ae 

Saudi Arabia
Phone Number: +966 11 488 6050
Fax: +966 11 488 9535
Website: http://www.Daleeli.com

Phone Number: +90 212 978 5700
Website: www.YellowPages.com.tr
Email: info@Yellow.com.tr

Phone Number: +970 2 296 4446
Fax: +970 2 296 4445
Website: www.YellowPages.com.ps
Email: pypsales@YellowPages.com.ps

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