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El Bahr El Aazam St., El moneeb, Giza Map it
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70 El Merghany St., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
History told of El-Dahan’s success since 1890. It was first was named 'El-Akr' & was known for its Eastern cuisine & barbequed meat. Now we have opened new branches in the 5th Settlement, Rehab City & in Merghany. We hope to continue our success through your support & confidence. “Combine tradition & originality”.
Categories: Restaurants +2
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34 El Qods El Sharif St. Off Lebanon St., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
A fine restaurant combining mouthwatering food and high quality service. Serving special Bedouin, oriental and Italian food as well as El Arraf's exclusive cocktails. High quality shisha in various flavours. Excellent service and ambience with special elegant Arabian décor.
Categories: Restaurants +2
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14 El Barad St. Off Ahmed Said St., El Faransawy Sq., Abbasseya, Cairo Map it
Offering a unique type of meal that business people rarely find in many fast food chains. We are keen to offer all our products in new high quality sanitary ware, coated with a PE layer, preserving products and ensuring no reaction to temperature. Striving to provide the highest quality in the Egyptian market.
Categories: Restaurants +2
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Abdel Razek El Sanhory St. Off Abbas El Akkad St., Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Offering the finest delicacies & fresh seafood. Daily fresh fish with a mouthwatering taste. Always striving to bring the best types of fresh & delicious fish to our customers. We would like to know your feedback on our restaurant, food & hospitality through our website & allow Estredia to take you to a new level of enjoying the ambience.
Categories: Restaurants
Keywords: Restaurant Grilled Food +1
., 5th Compound, New cairo, Cairo
Delicious barbeques, tajins and special Egyptian food such as pigeon, grilled ribs, Molokhiya tajine, beef shank with Egyptian Fattah and other dishes. We have the largest hall in the Fifth Settlement.
Categories: Restaurants +1
Keywords: Restaurant Restaurant Order In +7
23 Wadi El Nil St., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
Al Rocha Restaurant is an authentic Lebanese restaurant serving the most popular dishes in Lebanon. Characterized by a variety of charcoal grills, pastries and manakeesh with a mouthwatering taste. We exert every effort to make you feel welcome and offer a variety of food and drinks as well as home delivery service.
Categories: Restaurants +2
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El Ordoneya, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya
The crepe house in Asher region. 10 years of experience in offering the best quality and prices.
Categories: Restaurants +1
Keywords: Catering Restaurant +11
17 Gamaet El Dewal El Arabeya St., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
Serving the best Egyptian food for 90 years. We specialized in mouthwatering foul and falafel (Ta’amia) and more. Delivery hotline 19122.
Categories: Restaurants +1
Keywords: Restaurant Cafe
27 Moustfa El Nahhas St., Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Start your day with a scrumptious breakfast buffet at La Granlounge. Enjoy an amazing place where you can relax or work and enjoy calm ambience and western music. Delicious international cuisine by a skilled chef. Couples area, special offers, party preparation & special 20% discount.
Categories: Restaurants +2
Keywords: Grilled Food Restaurant +5
127 C Misr & Sudan St., Hadayek el kobba, Cairo Map it
Serving finest barbecue & all kinds of Oriental cuisine. Our restaurants are in Downtown, Hadayek El Kobba, Al Rehab, Al Mokkattam & soon in Madinaty. We are experienced in grilled Egyptian food since 1938 & we are ready to cater to indoor or outdoor events. A glorious past & prosperous present.
Categories: Restaurants +2
Keywords: Restaurant Cafe +2
56 B Demascus St. Off Syria St., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
If you're looking for excellence, prosperity & fine flavors, Tarrasina Restaurant & Cafe is what you're looking for. Offering you delicious dishes from various cuisines. Fully prepared for catering to events, groups & birthdays. Hosting celebrity musicians. Our goal is your satisfaction.
Categories: Restaurants +1
Keywords: Pastry Home Delivery +13
84 A Gesr El Suez St. El Alf Maskan Sq., Gesr el suez, Cairo Map it
One of the largest factories specializing in oriental & international desserts known for its mouthwatering taste, high quality raw materials & the most innovative creations.
Categories: Restaurants +3
Keywords: Restaurant Arabian Restaurant +1
92 League Of Arab States ST., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
You are welcome in the biggest restaurant for Gulf and Indian food including Haneeth Tuhamy, Madghut, Murgh Makhana, Murgh curry, Kadai Masala, Zerbian meat, meat Biryani, Indian meat, Murgh Tikka, Tandoori Murgh & chicken Biryani. Special place for families. Arabian corner. 100% Baladi meat.
Categories: Restaurants +1
Keywords: Restaurant Grilled Food +2
61- 63 El Dokki St., Dokki, Giza Map it
Where the Yemeni culture and oriental food meet. Tasty food from Yemen with a touch of spice, recipes and deserts. It reflects the tradition and food of each city in Yemen. Comfortable seats and privacy for families making it the most elegant Yemeni restaurant. Ready to cater to feasts and parties inside and outside the restaurant.
Categories: Restaurants +1
Keywords: Pastry Western Dessert +5
Rd. 30, 1St Industrial Zone, Obour city, Kaliobeya Map it
Looking for some sweetness in your life!! Since our establishment in 1912, our greatest chefs use their experience to produce Tseppas’ secret recipes, to provide you with the most delicious desserts including 3D cakes, oriental desserts, western desserts, macaroons, salaison, and our special chocolate. Never forget our catering corner for some delicious food.
Categories: Restaurants +1
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Km 24, Alex Cairo Desert Rd., Mirghem, Alexandria Map it
Categories: Restaurants +1
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El Hana Tower, Alex. Matrouh Rd., Corniche El Max, El max, Alexandria Map it
Categories: Restaurants +1
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25 Mostasharen St., El mamorah, Alexandria Map it
Samarah Village offers homegrown meat and grills. Over 20 years of experience. The best types of homegrown meat grilled to perfection. The restaurant is fully prepared to cater to parties and banquet. Vast experience in barbecue at the best prices. Enjoy our air conditioned lounge and home delivery services.
Categories: Restaurants +2
Keywords: Cafe Restaurant and Cafe
16 Ibrahim Basha St., El Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Zino Coffee is the perfect destination for a true coffee lover. We proudly serve some of the best and highest quality coffee beans and signature flavors in the world. Add to that our delicious food and unique German desserts making every visit to our coffee shop a unique experience.