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Categories: Plastic & Rubber
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21 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown, Cairo Map it
Categories: Plastic & Rubber
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Plot 45, 46, , Industrial Zone, Badr city, Cairo Map it
Jokey Plastic is a dynamic family firm. In 38 years we have evolved into a modern corporate group with over 1,200 employees in 10 production plants serving customers worldwide.
Categories: Paints & Coatings +1
Keywords: Plastic Plastic Package +3
Plot 47, , Industrial Zone C6, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Map it
Sophisticated modern manufacturers of plastic containers. Also supplying third parties. One of the leading companies characterized by high quality & custom made implementation products at competitive prices.
Categories: Cosmetics & Toiletries +1
Keywords: Cosmetics Factory Cosmetic +3
Plot 1/42, , Industrial Zone, New damietta, Damietta
Established in 1993. The factory has obtained GMP certificate. It also works in manufacturing & packing cosmetics with the possibility of manufacturing for third parties. Manufacturing all forms of plastic bottles including blowing, injection, polyethylene, polypropylene & PVC. The factory's products includes shampoos, hair conditioners, creams, hair oils as well as printing plastic bottles, packing & packaging.
Categories: Plastic & Rubber
Keywords: Plastic Plastic Barrel +7
Agricultural High Rd., Tanta, El gharbeya Map it
Supplying engine and oil companies with jerry cans, bins, barrels & bottles of various capacities. ISO 2000-9001 certified by UTV (Germany).
Categories: Plastic & Rubber
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Plot 8, , 5th Industrial Zone, Badr city, Cairo Map it
Categories: Plastic & Rubber
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20 Wahid Ahmed St. Off Nasser St., Bigam Rd., Industrial Zone, Shoubra el khaymah, Kaliobeya Map it
Established in 1982. Manufacturing high quality injection & blowing plastic molds for the fields of medicine, cosmetics, engineering & electricity. Our plastic manufacturing factory includes a sterilized room for manufacturing medical products & previously mentioned products using the latest high-tech tools. Blowing & injection machines from 35g to 5kg are available.
Categories: Packaging & Equipments +1
Keywords: Stretch Film Plastic Bag +11
Plot 185, 10th Of Ramadan Rd., Industrial Zone, Belbeis, El sharkeya Map it
Categories: Plastic & Rubber
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Plot 47, Unit 7, , 4th Ind. Zone, Badr El Din Complex, Industrial Zone, 6th of october, Giza Map it
Categories: Call Centers, Telemarketing & Teleseen +2
Keywords: Call Center Recruitment +3
1 El Zahraa Rd. 5th Sector, Nerco, Maadi, Cairo Map it
We provide BPO services that aim to drive long-term cost reductions & flexible recruitment solutions. Which can include anything from sourcing and selection to on boarding in order to find the talent you need. Our innovative approach ensures the results you need.
Categories: Cars - Parts & Accessories +2
Keywords: Car Spare Part Plastic +5
Plot 15b, , 1st Industrial Zone C1, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Map it
We focus on design & development to provide household, garden & automotive supplies. We started in 10th of Ramadan City in 2005. We work hard to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. This takes place in our research & development labs in Cairo to provide useful everyday life products. Constantly supplying various automotive industry pioneers.
Categories: Packaging & Equipments +1
Keywords: Plastic Plastic & Rubber +1
Plot 4/3, El Safa & El Marwa St., South East 3rd Industrial Zone A2, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Map it
Manufacturing plastic products using high quality injection & blowing techniques.
Categories: Packaging & Equipments +1
Keywords: Plastic Plastic & Rubber +1
7 El Zarak St., Corniche El Nil Off Zou El Foqqar St., Sahl Road El Farag, Shoubra, Cairo Map it
In 1958 Mid Delta Plastic was established in Cairo by Mr. Hamed Amer. Even at that time he founded a customer driven business and a production facility with a high quality focused policies.
Categories: Pipes, Tubes & Pipelines +1
Keywords: PVC Sewage Pipe +10
Plot No. 2 , 1st Industrial Zone, Sadat city, El monofeya Map it
One of the leading companies in Egypt. Manufacturing plastic pipes for irrigation & drainage works using the best Egyptian & imported materials subject to European specifications, measurements & certified international specifications. 50 ml to 12 inch pipes for wells, sewage, electricity & telephones.
Categories: Construction +3
Keywords: Bitumen Insulation Company +5
11 El Zahaby St., Roxy, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Modern Plastics Company is specialized in recycling plastics materials used to manufacture roofing, waterproofing, and insulation products such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene. The company also produces heat-insulating foam (XPS) which is used for building insulation.The company also produces various roofing and waterproofing products such as bituminous waterproofing membranes and cold-applied bitumen coatings.
Categories: Packaging & Equipments +1
Keywords: Plastic
Yehia Zakareya St., Heliopolis Rock Complex , Bldg. No. 4, Floor 6 Flat 601, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
For the first time in Egypt; manufacturing biodegradable plastic bags under license from EPI (Canada). Specializing in plastic bags & rolls manufacturing & printing up to 6 colors in all materials & specifications. We manufacture, import & export of plastic raw materials, plastic bags & plastic processing equipment from & to many countries.
Categories: Plastic & Rubber
Keywords: Packaging Wrapping +3
Km 14, Cairo Alex Agriculture Rd., Qalyub, Kaliobeya Map it
Categories: Electric & Electronic Devices +1
Keywords: Polypropylene Electrical Equipment +9
Plot 59 , Industrial Zone C6, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Map it
Working in the field of electric & plastic injection tools for 25 years. Vast experience offering high quality products at great prices. The company also sells plastic raw materials & provides injection services & Cracking plastic for third parties.
Categories: Packaging & Equipments +2
Keywords: Irrigation Hose Plastic +12
Talkha Damietta Highway Rd., Meet Antar Village, El mansoura, El dakahleya Map it
Specializing in plastic waste recycling machines (PE, PP, PET, PS, APS & PC). Modern agriculture machines (agricultural irrigation hoses, drip irrigation, greenhouses, insulation & lining, plastic milling machines (PVC, PE).
Categories: Plastic & Rubber
Keywords: Packaging Plastic Package +4
Plot 23 B, , 3rd Industrial Zone, Badr city, Cairo Map it
Manufacturing transparent boxes for desserts & chocolates using plastic injection, thermal formation & vacuum packages, transparent PVC jars & underwear packaging, dates packaging, Prophet's birthday's (Mouled) sweets packaging, oriental dessert plates & boxes, plastic forks & spoons.