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Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Agrochemical Fertilizer +9
1 Bldgs. 777, , Nasr city, Cairo Map it
The first website to specialize in agricultural and veterinary chemicals. We provide original registered products for farmers at the best prices. Cooperating directly with manufacturers, importers and sellers to reduce further expenses. We choose our sellers carefully among successful companies in the agriculture and veterinary fields.
Categories: Agriculture +2
Keywords: Agricultural Tractor Agriculture +7
El Nagah Village, Badr city, El beheira Map it
Established in 2013 to work in the agricultural field. 600 acres in Wadi Al Natroun, Behira, 2000 acres in Baharia Oases and 2000 acres in Farafra. We own an exporting station for agricultural products and a plastic factory for producing Burbank and plastic boxes. Working in the field of solar energy and trading agricultural equipment.
Categories: Agriculture +1
Keywords: Agriculture Agrochemical +9
15 Hammad St. Off Gamaet El Dewal El Arabeya St., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
Miegos compost is your ultimate choice for healthy fertile soil. It comes in a variety of products, each is crafted to suit your needs.
Categories: Agriculture +1
Keywords: Irrigation Irrigation Hose +5
Plot 167, , 5th Industrial Zone, Sadat city, El monofeya
Leaders in manufacturing irrigation hoses. The first factory in Egypt & the Middle East to use Servo Puncture 4 holes as well as produce GR hoses with the shortest length of 12 cm. The first factory to succeed in using drip irrigation for sugarcane and potato. Exporting to 7 countries due to our high quality and good planning.
Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Agriculture Agricultural Machine +2
20 Unico Bldg., Emad El Din St., Downtown, Cairo Map it
Please get the missing words & brands from the clientLaunched in Cairo in 1982 as Diamond Trading. Founded by late engineer Eid Matta as an import company & agency for international agricultural machinery companies. Italian Irrigation Machines, Dary Italian Compressors, Auserdern Turkish Machines, Sepp Italian & Holsn Turkish spraying pumps & pesticide spraying trucks.
Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Net Greenhouses +2
Plot 1/1, , 3rd Industrial Zone A1, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya
One of the largest Egyptian companies specializing in plant mesh and protection. Our factory uses raw materials imported from Taiwan & Thailand, specially made to produce the finest types of UV-treated shading mesh to ensure its durability against sunlight for 5 years. Our factory produces all colors and shading ratios (70% anti-viral white& 40% black shading).
Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Equipment Agricultural Tractor +9
Abou Bakr El Seddik, Badr Center, Badr city, El beheira Map it
Categories: Agriculture +2
Keywords: Sprinkler Irrigation Supplies +4
3 Omar Hefny St., Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Importing irrigation networks, metal sprays, drip sprinklers, sprinklers, air, water & safety valves (PVC), filters, sand separators, pressure meters and water hoses. Sole agents of Automate Manufacturing (India) & Automate Irrigation (India). Products are available in the Egyptian Market under the brand “Aqua”.
Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Irrigation Sprinkler +3
Plot 8/9 & 9/9, , 2nd Industrial Zone, Sadat city, El monofeya Map it
Manufacturing modern irrigation supplies including drippers, sprinklers, PE pipe connectors, valves and accessories, UPVC pipe fittings, UPVC water valves, saddles, valve boxes in various diameters and sizes suitable for all kinds of plants and soil. Contributing to improving the agricultural sector and decreasing water consumption in Egypt, North Africa, and the Middle East.
Categories: Agriculture +2
Keywords: Greenhouses Greenhouse Factory +2
4th Industrial Zone, Industries Complex, Chamber No. 24, Sadat city, El monofeya Map it
Pioneers in manufacturing green houses, cool greenhouses, shading nets, fruit protection nets, air conditioned greenhouses, knitting & spinning fisheries & well filters. Serving all over Egypt. Known for our quality, aftersales service & production accuracy. Providing technical consultancy & all agricultural services. Do not hesitate to contact us
El Haram Nursery - previously
Categories: Agriculture +2
Keywords: Flower landscape +3
El Nozha Air Port Rd., Semouha, Alexandria Map it
Specialized in offering all garden designs, landscaping services, maintaining green areas and irrigation networks by a team of trained engineers and technicians able to achieve the best results.
Categories: Agriculture +2
Keywords: Device Measuring Cable Electric Motor +6
85 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown, Cairo Map it
From the humble beginnings of a small retail shop, the company has grown into one of the largest department stores in Cairo. We are the most popular company in these fields in the Egyptian market. A unique structure of companies, mainly characterized by its specialized quality services. We do our best to optimize each sector of our companies by dedicating ourselves fully to satisfy our clients.
Categories: Agriculture +2
Keywords: Fertilizer Fruit +10
10 El Eskan El Togary, El Gehaz El Raesy St., Floor 1 Flat 1, New borg el arab, Alexandria Map it
Various activities related to agricultural investment including agricultural supplies for food processing factories & land reclamation & cultivation. Digging wells & designing, supplying & installing various modern irrigation networks. Designing & constructing gardens, parks & villa & resort gardens. Decorating roads & landscaping.
Categories: Agriculture +1
Keywords: Agriculture Agrochemical +5
11 Ramo Bldgs., El Nasr Rd., Floor 9, Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Seed
71, 72, 74 Ahmed Maher St., bab el khalk, Downtown, Cairo Map it
Categories: Agriculture +3
Keywords: Poultry Exporting Fruits +1
Km 88, , Cairo alex desert rd., Giza
Over 30 years of experience. Known for our excellent fruit plantations in terms of quality and treatment. All our products meet European specifications and market needs including grapes, plums and apricots. Meem Farm is also known for its animal production, including breeding and fattening cattle under the supervision of veterinarians & veterinarian engineers. We also hold a reputable position in the Egyptian market.
Categories: Agriculture
21 Zaky Othman St. Intersection Off Mohey El Din Abou Al Ezz St., Floor 1, Bein el sarayat, Giza Map it
One of the leading companies in importing & distributing agriculture sector requirements including agriculture machinery & equipment, spare parts, soil fumigants, pheromones & irrigation systems. ADCO provides high quality products, services & consultation to customers through cooperating with the most reliable manufacturers.
Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Feed Additives Feed Raw Materials +1
42 El Haram Plaza Bldg., El Haram St., El haram, Giza Map it
Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Irrigation Supplies Irrigation Hoses Company +1
15 Nablus St. Off Shehab St., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
Manufacturing modern irrigation hoses from raw & processed polyethylene. Sun & weather resistant sized 16 cm. High efficiency hoses at distances of 25, 30, 40 & 100 cm. 7-year guarantee. Also offering branched groups (3 or 2 points every 2 meters, or every 3 meters) in all sizes.
Categories: Agriculture
Keywords: Agriculture
El Horreya Tower, Beside 151 Gamal Abdel Nasser St., Intersection Of Seddik Shaiboub St., Sidi beshr, Alexandria Map it