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Al Fagr For Plastic Pipes Industries & Agricultural Supplies

El Ordonya , El Masrya Center 3, Floor 2,3, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya

Entrance H - In Front Of Occasions House

All diameters from 32 mm to 800 mm in accordance with international standard specifications.
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Contact info:

Address: 2 Jordanian Co. Bldgs.10th of Ramadan, cairo

Tell: 015387620 – 0112260015 – 0102758758

Fax: 015387621



About Us:

The dawning of a new world in UPVC pipes industry, with modern technology and expertise extremely high accuracy in achieving Egyptian & global specifications, with modern and advanced techniques from size 32mm- 800mm, all pressures.


Since the drinking water & sewer operations pipes are vital processes with high impact on the nation's  economy and people's lives; and...

Since U.P.V.C pipes are the safest for drinking water, most appropriate for the drainage systems, and last for more than fifty years (provided that production conforms to international specifications in terms of installation materials and production processes, taking into account proper installation according to proper scientific methods...


We, Al Fagr Co., guarantee you production quality and adherence to international standards very carefully, as we are characterized by our distinct technical management, with over twenty-five years of expertise and a good professional reputation inside and outside Egypt, as well as the company's owned machines with modern and distinct techniques.

We offer you a better after-sales service, in addition to guidance and supervision of the design and installation of potable water systems and sanitation in a scientific and technical manner that ensures the safety of the project and its outstanding performance.

Dear consultants and contractors,
Brotherhood and companionship have grown between us over the years, based on common interest for the production of better pipes and preserve every drop of water.
Our means to achieve that has been to work hard to seek the best.

Chemist, Mamdouh Abu Gabal

Chairman of the Board


Send an email to Al Fagr For Plastic Pipes Industries & Agricultural Supplies for more information.