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Categories: Lawyers
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2 Gesr El Suez St. Ibn Sendar Sq., Mansheyet El Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Specialists & experts in all branches of the law litigation foundations & defense before all economic commercial & civil courts misdemeanors & felonies State Council Family Court stock market & FOREX disputes corporate establishment & advisory banking property registration transfer of ownership drafting civil & commercial contracts trademark registration industrial models intellectual property debt collection & arbitration courts We are your first choice proficiency without compromise.
Categories: Lawyers
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3 El Fatemeen St. Off Omar Ibn El Khattab St., Floor 1 Flat 11, Ismaileya Square, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
One of the largest & important law firms in Egypt with great experience that qualifies it to defend its clients' rights & provide them with legal consultancy in the various legal aspects. The firm consists of a great team of distinguished lawyers in all legal fields, with PHD & Masters degrees. emigration service to US UK an of Romania and for Legal Translation services .
Categories: Lawyers
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50 Souk El Asr Tower, Khalifa El Maamoun St., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
An expert in bank procedures, company establishment & bank reconciliations. Expert in public funds, state security, trade & financial affairs. Expert in the Egyptian Stock Exchange & forex cases. Expert in cases involving drugs, weapons & ammunition. Adviser to various Arab & African embassies. Legal adviser to various Egyptian & foreign newspapers.
Categories: Lawyers
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5 / D / 5 El Laselky St., Floor 2, New Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Map it
BPLO has over 100 years of combined experience in the legal industry. BPLO undertakes its works through a number of qualified legalists specialized in many branches of the legal work. BPLO is a “one-stop” law firm. BPLO pleads in all judicial and international arbitration proceedings. BPLO incorporates and establishes all kinds of companies, provides legal consultations, land registry, trademarks and patents registry, in addition to its vast experience in franchise agreements.
Categories: Lawyers
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20 B Misr Lel Tayaran Tower, Selim El Awal St., Intersection Of El Aziz Bellah St., El Zaitoun, Floor 1 Flat 1, El helmeya, Cairo Map it
We are your agents for all your legal needs including establishing companies, finalizing all industrial zone factory procedures, trademark & industrial design registration, all company related works, public notary & ownership transfer, Forex & internet crimes, commercial cases, representation before commercial arbitration authorities, administrative, economic & family courts.
Categories: Lawyers
Keywords: Arbitration Lawyer +4
102 B El Merghany St., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Sharif Ramadan lawyer Appeal & Constitutional Court attorney. Over 25 years of experience in diverse judicial cases, including civil, criminal & family law for Egyptians & foreigners, Administrative Justice, State Council, construction contract arbitration & legal advice in accordance with detailed analytical studies. Committed team to classical professional standards to achieve a reputable level of performance.
Categories: Lawyers
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34 Syria St., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
TAHOUN Law Office was established in 1990 as a firm highly specialized in various litigation and arbitration matters. In 2009, the Firm was restructured with a new vision of providing first-rate quality legal services to a broad-base of multinational and regional clients.
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16 A Maamal El Sokkar St., Garden city, Cairo Map it
Kosheri, Rashed & Riad is one of the leading law firms in the Arab world. Specialized in corporate law, privatization, telecommunications, arbitration, foreign investments, securities transactions, international business transactions, oil & gas.
Categories: Lawyers
Keywords: Lawyer Legal Consultant +5
55 Misr Helwan Agricultural St., Hadayek El Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Map it
A legal organization specialized in all legal consultancies & defense works including civil, criminal, personal status, collection of checks & bills, written legal consultancy, etc. Litigation before all courts. Establishing companies. Foreigner work permit. Registering & protecting trademarks & everything related to intellectual property. A number of competent legal specialists in various legal fields. An outstanding track record. A complex offering comprehensive legal services. Pleased to serve you & be your agent.
Categories: Lawyers
Keywords: Lawyer Legal Consultation +1
6 Plot 5010, Rd. 17, Diplomasyeen Zone, Mokattam, Cairo Map it
Specializing in international arbitration, legal aid, international mediation, & legal & strategic studies. An elite team of 33 professors specialized in national, regional & international law & over 505 college professors (ESC) specializing in all life sciences.
Categories: Lawyers
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3 El Qodah Bldgs., Tout Ankh Amoun St., Floor 5 Flat 2, Semouha, Alexandria Map it
One of the largest & most important law firms in Egypt. Vast experiences enough to ensure client rights are uncompromised. It has an elite team of specialized lawyers in all fields of law, who obtained the highest scientific degrees such as Masters & PhDs. The firm works in various fields of law including concluding contracts, company establishment, real estates registration, intellectual property, international arbitration & debt collection.
Categories: Lawyers
Keywords: Lawyer Legal Consultation +1
23 El Gulf St., Sarayat El Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Map it
Specializing in criminal, civil, administrative, & appeal cases, international arbitration & establishing companies.
Categories: Lawyers
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49 El Thawra St., Ard El Golf, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Categories: Lawyers
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7 El Bostan St., Tahrir, Downtown, Cairo Map it
Completing all proceedings & foreigner affairs & marriage procedures in Egypt. Extensive experience in with all nationalities, where the office promptly completes foreigners’ & Egyptian/foreigner marriage procedures in Egypt.
224 El Guish St. El Guish Sq., El zaher, Cairo Map it
A law firm founded in 1980, specializing in legal consulting & defense. All legal procedures, company establishment, trademark, patent & intellectual property registration, real estate registration, land, civil & commercial disputes, personal & criminal cases. The main activity is in Egypt with agents in the UAE, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait.
Categories: Lawyers
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76 Gamaet El Dewal El Arabeya St., Mohandeseen, Giza Map it
Where Professionalism, Efficiency & Ethics are meet together.Dr. Badran Law Office is one of the eminent law firms in Egypt. Our office includes a professional team of specialized advocates who are able to render comprehensive legal advices on commercial law, corporate law & government & construction contracts. In the area of dispute resolution, we have vast experience in arbitration, both as arbitrators & as attorneys. We also represent our clients before Egyptian courts.
6 Ibrahim Shawky St. Off Ismail El Qabbany St. Flat 1, 1st Zone, Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Categories: Consultants +1
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1, 3 El Maghraby Tower, Mostafa Fahmy St., Glim, Alexandria Map it
Categories: Lawyers
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22 Youssef Abbas St., Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Misdemeanor, civil, commercial & personal status cases & family courts. Drafting civil, commercial & labor contracts. Personnel & insurance decisions & regulations. Labor, commercial, civil & administrative cases. Supply & construction contracts. Check, bill & trust receipt issues. Appearing before misdemeanor, criminal, elementary, exceptional & council of state courts. Attending prosecutor investigations & representation before the Department of Justice experts.
Categories: Lawyers
Keywords: Lawyer Lawyer Office
El Ordoneya, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya
International Office for Legal Consultations & Firm - Ahmed Hussin Abdel Hai.