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2 El Fayoum St., El Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
We are a professional team of experts in healthcare advice and services. We excel in maintaining & improving the physical, intellectual, and psychological health of communities. Utilizing our knowledge & expertise together with our various local & international partners to satisfy all the healthcare needs of people we serve.
Categories: Hospitals & Medical Centers
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12 Mohamed Mostafa Hamam St. Off Abbas El Akkad St., 1st Zone, Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Established in 1981. All specialties are available including operating theatres, endoscopy units, ICU, cosmetic surgery & radiology. Distinct hotel-quality rooms.
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17 Omar Ibn El Khattab St., Sheraton Bldgs., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
To be recognized as quality affordable solutions for healthcare products. Seeking quality in all aspects of our business to take a leading position among pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.
Categories: Hospitals & Medical Centers
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El Banafseg 1 District, El Banafseg Service Zone, 1st Compound, New cairo, Cairo Map it
Providing medical services in all medical specialties under the supervision of an elite team of specialists & consultants. The latest radiology & laboratory services. Performing X-ray & taking samples at home. A special section for physiotherapy, weight loss & dentistry. Special clinics for women & children. 24 hour emergency service.
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1 Roxy Sq., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Specialized in vision corrections, the center uses the latest laser vision correction (Lasik) technology. An elite team of medical & ophthalmology consultants.
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17 Al Afdal St., Abbasseya, Cairo Map it
Physiotherapy, slimming & obesity clinic. Just for you .. for a better life.
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16 Dawletian St. El Khalafawy Sq., Floor 5, Shoubra, Cairo Map it
An integrated medical center specializing in ophthalmology, ophthalmic surgery, LASIK.Femto-Lasik, outpatient clinics, operation theaters equipped with the latest devices, optical coherence tomography OCT), fluorescein fundus angiography, visual field testing, ultrasound, & laser diabetic eye treatment in one painless session.
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13 Rd. 106, Hadayek El Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Map it
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8 Zahraa El Maadi Bldgs., 10th Sector, Floor 1 Flat 103, Zahraa El Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Map it
Consultant of rheumatic diseases, rehabilitation, & alternative medicine. Noninvasive & painless treatment. Treatment of scoliotic spine, diabetic foot, heel spur, neuritis, plasma injection & urinary incontinence.
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23 Hassan Aflatoun St., Ard El Golf, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Categories: Hospitals & Medical Centers
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4th Zone, 2nd District, 5th Compound, New cairo, Cairo Map it
Our philosophy is to restore the essence of medicine with honesty, excellence & dedication to our valued patients. Offering the highest international standards for sterilization & the best physicians in all fields to ensure patients receive the care they deserve throughout the therapeutic program.
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121 Mohamed El Maqrif St. Off Abou Dawoud El Zahery St., Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Offering the best services & international standards to patients. Specializing in women & family health including obstetrics & gynecology, ultrasound, orthopedics, pediatrics, dermatology, LPG, RF, urology & andrology, internal medicine, integrated nutrition & lipolysis using the latest laser devices including cavitation, vacuum, radiofrequency, body shaping & treating cellulite.
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Keywords: Lasik Vision Correction +6
6 A El Sebaq St. Off El Hegaz St., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Our mission is to be the leader in Egypt, delivering reliable, quality medical eye care. We currently focus on surgeries & service departments. To achieve our mission, we commit ourselves to focusing on patient needs & expectations, employing & training committed & competent staff, using state of the art technologies & applying dynamic & professional management techniques. We identified the following as our core values: WE DO CARE, PATIENT COMES FIRST, GOOD WORKING ENVIRONMENT, ETHICS AND CONFIDENTIALITY & BETTER STAFF THROUGH CONTINUOUS EDUCATION.
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19 Aly Fahmy Kamel St., Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Dr. Wafaa is the first female speech therapy specialist in Egypt & the Middle East. Established since 1986. Specializing in treating speech delay, vocal disorders, language deterioration, language disorders for all ages, treating all pronunciation & speech disorders for all ages including stuttering, lisps, dyslalia & more. Morning intensive therapy for language disorders.
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6 Nehro St., El Merryland, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
Hani Naiem, MRCP; Consultant Endocrinologist & Diabetologist. Diabetes, diabetic neuropathy & endocrinology clinic. Offering medical nutrition therapy & diabetes education services. The latest diabetic neuropathy diagnostic & therapeutic devices, as well as quantitative metric assessment of neuropathy for follow-up. Free glucometer for our patients.
Categories: Hospitals & Medical Centers
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34 El Batrawy St. Off Abbas El Akkad St., Floor 4 Flat 10, Nasr city, Cairo Map it
Holistic Centre is the only Chinese scientific center in Egypt that equally treats the body and the mind. The World Health Organization approved acupuncture in treating migraine, knee & back pains, stiff neck, insomnia, depression, menopausal syndromes & nicotine withdrawal symptoms, teeth whitening, full mouth rehabilitation, Face wrinkles ,cellulite treatment , Body shaping and hair by mesotherapy.
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50 El Khalifa El Maamoun St., Floor 8, Roxy, Heliopolis, Cairo Map it
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12 161 St. Intersection Of 105 St., Hadayek El Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Map it
The first center specialized in intensive pediatric physiotherapy for children suffering from cerebral palsy, nervous system disorders & motor delay. Treating stuttering & delayed speech. Skill development to increase cognitive, mental development & intellectual abilities. Behavioral modification, pediatric psychiatry & intelligence tests.
Categories: Hospitals & Medical Centers
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16 Dawletian St. Off El Khalafawy Sq., Shoubra, Cairo Map it
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Ahmed Shawky St., Al rehab city, Cairo Map it